Rocket League: Would You Stay At Gold For 10,000 Hours?

It’s kind of assumed that players who put more hours into Rocket League will get better at the game. There’s this feeling among the community that as you put in more time, you’re going to rank up because that’s the way a lot of players view the game.

Now, we know that some people do play Rocket League in a more casual manner, and we’re kind of jealous of the fact that they can just play the game without calling themselves trash every five seconds, but a lot of people end up getting really into the grind and wanting to rank up. However, most of us are stuck wanting to get better and rank up to prove it. Well, SunlessKhan interviewed one player who defies all of that.

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Meet The Gold Who (Probably) Has More Hours Than You

The player goes by a lot of different names, even in the video itself, but the point is, they have over 10,000 hours in Rocket League, but are still in Gold. Now, they’re not all that upset about the fact, and they really seem like they love the game so much that it’s not relevant. Sunless goes into a lot of things during the video itself, but one of the main things is that the player blames their teammates for doing the same things that they’re doing. They’re happy just enjoying the game though, and that’s awesome.

For comparison, Lethamyr, famed general God of Rocket League, has nearly 11,000 hours. The difference in skill isn’t really to do with playtime at all, but mindset and attitude. There’s nothing wrong with being Gold for 10,000 hours or more, not at all, but if you can’t tweak how you view the game and how you view your own performance, then you’ll likely stay there.

To improve you need to really think about how you’re playing and how you’re interacting with your teammates. Frankly, the easiest way to rank up is to play together with other people around your skill level, because you’ll learn to trust each other; that’s one of the most important parts of competitive Rocket League. You’ll also need to look at the decisions you’re making in-game and try and figure out where you went wrong. Improving is both a passive and an active thing, but you don’t have to improve to enjoy the game. Seeing a player with 10k hours who is Gold is fascinating, but it’s also a good reminder that people play Rocket League for a lot of reasons. We’re still going to try and hit Grand Champ though because we’re sweaty try-hards.

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