Rocket League: Version Mismatch Matchmaking Error Message

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When loading into an online game of Rocket League you may see the error: “Version Mismatch. Please get the latest version of the game.”

Error messages are the bane of every gamer, so we are here to help you solve how to fix this one!


Read our guide below so that you can resolve the problem, and jump back into the action as soon as possible. 

Version Mismatch Error

The obvious problem here is that your installed version of Rocket League is an old version!

No problem though, the solution is easy-peasy.


If you’re trying to play an online match, your computer is probably already connected to the internet but just in case make sure that you are!

Then try restarting your console, Steam or Epic Games launcher and the game should update automatically.

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To completely restart Steam or Epic you’ll need to do more than close the window.


1 - On your computer screen look for the Show Hidden Icons button in the lower right side. It's an up arrow, or a triangle without a bottom.

2 - You’ll then see a bunch of icons, right click on the one for your launcher.

3 - Choose the Exit option.

4 - Wait for a minute, try counting to 30, then relaunch Steam or Epic.


5 - If auto-updates are turned on, you should see the update download on its own.

Though, if that doesn’t happen, you can instead try updating Rocket League manually.

Hopefully, this should solve your problem and make the Version Mismatch error message.

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