Rocket League Update 1.95 Patch Notes For Xbox One, PS4, Xbox Series X, PS5, PC And Switch

UPDATE - The new Rocket League v1.95 update is now live on Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Steam, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S. Patch Notes have been added further down.

Original Story - Season 3 of the free-to-play era has begun in Rocket League!

With the new season came a recent update to implement the new content and fix some pesky bugs and errors.

Update 1.94 squashed a number of them, but it looks like it may have created a few others.

Here's what we know about update 1.95 for Rocket League.

Release Date

Update - Rocket League v1.95 is coming 4/14/2021, 4 p.m. PDT / 11 p.m.UTC

Original Story - There is no date at the moment. Psyonix has simply stated that they will have "a solution in place by next week."

This is in reference to a bug that has been discovered in the game which is likely prompting the next update.

The new update could live on April 12th at 4 p.m. PDT/11 p.m. UTC and 12 a.m. BST (on the 13th).

It's important to stress this is just an estimate based on previous update trends usually releasing on a Monday. But they could ultimately release it at any time.

Our expectations are that it will arrive in time between Monday-Wednesday.

1.95 Patch Notes Confirmed

Update - Here are the official Rocket League v1.95 Patch Notes:

  • Fixed a bug that added 0.1 seconds to the match once the ball hits the ground at 0:00
  • Fixed a softlock scenario caused by trading in the last possible set of five eligible items
  • Rocket Boost on the Ford F-150 now displays correctly
  • Fixed a bug that took button/cursor focus off the “Find Match” button in the Play Menu

Original Story - The official patch notes are yet to be released, but we have been given a heads up on some details.

Rocket League posted the following on their Twitter:

"We are aware of a bug that allows goals to be scored with zero seconds on the clock if the ball bounces into the goal within 0.1 seconds of hitting the ground. We are hard at work to fix the bug and should have a solution in place by next week."

This is may not seem like a game-breaking bug for most, but if you're having a tough time in ranked already and a team scores in this fashion, you'd think twice.

Thankfully, the odds of it happening are extremely low, but it's worth being aware of when attempting to secure a win.

Since it's so soon after the most recent big update, it may not be a very exciting patch, but it's always an opportunity for Psyonix to look over any bugs and make quality of life improvements.

It remains to be seen if this will be a significant title update or just a hotfix.

Be sure to check back regularly for the latest updates.

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