Rocket League Season 3 Tyranno: How To Unlock New Car

Rocket League's third season since going free-to-play kicks off later today, and it's a bit of a motorsport fan's dream.

Featuring F1 and Nascar vehicles from the world of racing, it also features an incredibly cool original car – the Tyranno.

Here's how to get it.

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Rocket League Season 3 Tyranno: How To Unlock New Car

Simply put, you'll need to invest in the premium Rocket Pass to unlock the stylish new car.

The Tyranno is found at the first tier of the paid version of the pass, so it'll be unlocked instantly as soon as players hand over the cash.

That means you can get it for 1000 credits, or pick it up in a version with bundled levels for more money.

That makes it around £9.99, but also opens up dozens of tiers of rewards. Expect goal explosions, new wheels, car parts, skins, and plenty more.

In fact, working your way through the pass will actually earn you your 1000 credits back, so if you smashed Season 2, you may be sitting on enough credits to unlock your Tyranno instantly.

If that hasn't whet your appetite, check out the Season 3 Rocket Pass trailer below – and yes, it features the Tyranno.

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