Rocket League: How To Win The Kickoff Every Single Time

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Psyonix’s timeless masterpiece seems to be growing faster than ever before, despite the game being launched over four years ago.

The crisp, clunky aesthetic of Rocket league makes it a dream to play, and it only seems to get better the more you play it.

Rocket League exists at the intersection of football, combat sports and rocket science - imagine football being played by insanely fast, flight-capable cars and you pretty much get the idea.

There are multiple game modes that players can choose from, but all of them start with a kickoff, so you’ll need to get that one mastered.

Lucky for you we’ve created this guide that will show you three different ways to win your kickoff, so check it out below.

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Fast Kickoff

Though there is a traditional method for the Fast Kickoff, there is another method that we prefer to use which seems to get you there just as quickly.

The Traditional Fast Kickoff is started by the player boosting in a straight line from their starting position, followed by a diagonal flip into the ball.

Now, though this is technically the fastest way to get to the ball, it is really easy to mess up the diagonal flip and miss the ball at top speed.

Ourvariation of the Fast Kickoff requires the player to boost towards the ball from their starting position, followed by a front flip into the ball.

This version not only works but is employed by the vast majority of Rocket League players, thanks to its simplicity.

Delayed Kickoff

The Delayed Kickoff is made for the craftier players that enjoy messing with their opposition’s heads.

The whole premise of a delayed kickoff is that arriving late to the 50/50 challenge gives you the advantage since the ricochet will be coming straight off the front of your car at top speed.

The Delayed Kickoff is quite self-explanatory – simply aim to arrive at the ball just after your opponent, and the advantage is yours.

Fake Kickoff

The Fake Kickoff isn’t used very much, and that’s probably down to the fact that it is used inappropriately in most situations, leading to more trouble for your team.

In the worst-case scenario, a Fake Kickoff can provide your opponent with a clear path for a Powershot at your goal.

That said, it should be used when you are already in your opposition’s head, i.e. when you can see that they are hesitating and watching where you are aiming first.

In this situation, you should start your kickoff as if it is was the same as any other, only you miss or fake the kickoff at the last moment in order to trick the opponent into scuffing the ball towards your teammate.

Again, using this kickoff in an inappropriate situation will most likely result in a goal for the other team, or some pressure on yours at the very least.

For this reason, you shouldn’t bother with this one until you are in a state of flow.

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Written By

Julian Sims

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