Rocket League: Skills, Tips and Tricks for Beginners

A car driving up a wall in Rocket League.

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Rocket League is Psyonix’s timeless masterpiece that seems to be growing faster than ever, despite the game being launched over four years ago.

It exists at the intersection of football, combat sports and rocket science, which is probably why beginners find it a little daunting to get the hang of.

That said, even the professional players still dedicate hundreds of hours every month in a bid to self-improve, so you shouldn’t think of yourself as a lost cause.

Anyway, if you’re a beginner looking to hone your skills and pick up a few tips then look no further – here we cover the core skills, tips and tricks to get you off your feet.

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Double Jumping

You’ll need to be familiar with the basic controls for Rocket League in order to start pulling these core skills off with consistency.

That said, Double Jumping is one of the easiest skills to pick up, and it is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin - a double jump!

In order to pull one of these off, you’ll need to press the button for ‘Jump’ twice (so that’s X on PS4 and A on Xbox).

Double Jumps come in most handy when you’re low on boost, but still need to reach a ball at altitude before your opponent does.

I find myself using Double Jump most in defence when trying to nudge an opponent’s shot away from my goal!


Flipping is another core skill that focuses on the ‘Jump’ button, and again it comes in handy for when a player is out of boost, but also helps players to change direction sharply.

To pull off a flip, the first step is clicking the ‘Jump’ button (X/A) for the first time.

Now, while your car is in the air, you’ll have plenty of time to aim the analogue stick in the direction you wish to flip in.

Once you are holding down the analogue stick in a certain direction, click the ‘Jump’ button again to complete the flip move.

If you held the analogue stick straight ahead, your car will catapult forwards and pick up some speed.

If you’re feeling particularly bold, hold the analogue stick sideways and your car will flip… you guessed it, sideways!

Powershots & Powerclears

Now, if you are looking up how to double jump and flip, you will have already picked up on how to Shoot and Clear the ball.

But in a game filled with rocket-fueled madness, you’ll want to know how to pull off a more powerful version of these moves.

In order to do a Powershot or Powerclear, you’ll need to boost and then flip into the ball, which converts your car’s kinetic energy into speed and power on the ball.

Powershots and clears are versatile moves, so you should just think of them as juiced up versions of a shot or clear.

That’s all we have for now, but we will be back soon with a ‘skills, tips and tricks’ for intermediate level Rocket League players!

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Julian Sims

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