Rocket League: How To Get A Clear

Rocket League's free-to-play iteration is now well into its second season and with it brings new challenges.

While many are pretty simple, you may be wondering how to get a "Clear".

Here's what that means, and how you can get one.

Rocket League: What Is A Clear?

A clear in Rocket League could be likened to a clearance in football.

You're essentially hitting the ball as far up the pitch as possible.

This is different from a save since the save essentially stops the ball heading towards your goal, whereas a clear involves you sending the ball in the opposite direction.

Time it right, and you can turn defence into attack very quickly. Get it wrong, and you'll find your goal under siege again.

How To Clear

It's simple, really – just smack the ball as hard as you can towards safety.

When you're under pressure it can be tricky to hold your nerve, but our advice would be to stay on your toes if you're defending (or should that be wheels?).

As soon as an attacking break develops and is headed towards you, be ready to race off your line and beat the opposition to the ball.

Just, you know, don't send it bouncing off them and back into your own goal... not that we'd know what that feels like.

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