Rocket League Golden Gifts: What Is In The Frosty Fest Golden Gifts?

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Rocket League's Frosty Fest has gone live and players are completing an abundance of challenges to earn Christmas themed gifts.

With so many Christmas rewards on offer, one that has stumped players is the Golden Gift '20.


What is it and what is in it? Is it valuable?

Here's what we know.

What Are Golden Gifts In Rocket League?

Golden Gifts operate as regular drops do.

Golden Gifts return as Event Challenge rewards which will unlock items from the Accelerator, Elevation and Triumph Series.

You can earn up to 5 of these by playing 100 Online Matches (20 per Golden Gift).

What Rewards Are In Golden Gift '20?

Here's what rewards are included in the Golden Gift '20.


Accelerator Series

  • Pearlescent (Matte) Paint finish (All)
  • Critters Decal (Mantis)
  • Splatter Decal (Dominus GT)
  • Chainsaw Decal (Breakout)
  • Gigapede Decal (Centio V17)
  • Lightning Trail (All)
  • Gaiden Wheels (All)
  • Hot Rocks Trail (All)
  • Snakeskin Decal (Jäger 619 RS)
  • Jäger 619 RS Body
  • Power-Shot Rocket boost (All)
  • Saptarishi Wheels (All)
  • Chrono Wheels (All)
  • Clockwork Wheels (All)
  • Fireworks Goal explosion (All)
  • Hellfire Goal explosion (All)
  • Party Time Goal explosion (All)
  • Popcorn Goal explosion (All)

Elevation Seies

  • Lucky Stars Player banner (All)
  • Retro Sun Decal (Venom)
  • Dino Paint finish (All)
  • Muddy Decal (Twinzer)
  • Sticker Bomb Decal (Octane)
  • Yamane Wheel (All)
  • Bob's Ramen Player banner (All)
  • Discotheque Trail (All)
  • Ripped Comic Decal (Breakout)
  • Finny Wheel (All)
  • Synthwave Rocket boost (All)
  • Nimbus Body
  • Gernot Wheel (All)
  • Raijin Wheel (All)
  • Singularity Goal explosion (All)
  • Mainframe Decal (All)
  • Solar Flare Goal explosion (All)
  • Wet Paint Decal (All)

Triumph Series

  • NNTR Decal (Dominus GT)
  • Machina Decal (Centio V17)
  • Rose King Decal (Animus GP)
  • XVI Decal (Jäger 619 RS)
  • Royal Tyrant Decal (Octane)
  • Dot Rush Decal (Octane)
  • Lift-Off Player Banner (All)
  • Diomedes Wheel (All)
  • EKG-OMG Rocket Trail (All)
  • Samurai Body
  • Kyrios Wheel (All)
  • Comet Rocket Boost (All)
  • REEVRB Wheel (All)
  • Hypnotik Wheel (All)
  • Storm Watch (Decal (All)
  • Toon Goal Explosion (All)
  • Atomizer Goal Explosion (All)
  • Dissolver Decal (All)