Rocket League Frosty Fest 2020: Challenges, Rewards And How To Complete Them FAST

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Frosty Fest is now live in Rocket League and has brought Christmas cheer!

New Holiday-themed rewards are available to those that complete a set of challenges.


Here's what's on offer

Rocket League Frosty Fest Challenges

  • Gain 1 XP Level (Holiday Bow Topper)
  • Play 3 Online Matches (Cold Sweater Player Banner)
  • Get 15 Goals, Assists or Saves in Online Matches (Peppermint Wheels)
  • Get a Save and a Win in a Single Online Match (Snowman Avatar Banner)
  • Get 20 Assists in Online Matches (Fireworks Rocket Boost)
  • Play 20 Online Matches [Repeatable 5 Times] (Golden Gift 20)
  • Win one game in a Snow Day Extra Modes Match (Title: Sleigh Queen Player Title)
  • Get 20 Clears in Online Matches (Cold Sweater Decal)
  • Get 20 Shots on Goal in Oline Matches (Snowstorm Decal)
  • Get 20 Centers in Snow Day Extra Modes Matches (Holiday Hearth Wheels)
  • Get 15 Saves or Epic Saves in Online Matches (Xmas Light Decal)
  • Win 10 Online Matches [Repeatable] (20,000 XP)

There are only two challenges that require you to play the limited-time mode Winter Breakaway and that is 'Win one game in a Snow Day Extra Modes Match' and 'Get 20 Centers in Snow Day Extra Modes Matches'.

The best thing to do is to jump into Casual matches as these challenges accumulate over any mode.