Rocket League Boomer Ball Event Guide: When is it, what is it?

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Rocket League Season 14 is here, and Psyonix has confirmed that its Boomer Ball mode will kick off on Thursday, May 14 – that's tomorrow!

Offered as part of the "Modes of May" event, you can find out about all the other events happening here.

Here's our guide to the event, what's changed, and how long it'll run. Trust us when we say, you're not going to want to miss this.

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What is Boomer Ball?

A limited-time mode with fun changes to the standard Rocket League format, Boomer Ball is insane. It offers unlimited boost, as well as making all boosting 50% faster than the standard boost.

Expect to be flying through the air to hit a ball that's set to be super bouncy and super light.

You can find it in the casual online playlist.

When can I play?

Boomer Ball kicks off at 9 am PDT tomorrow, and will run until the same time on Monday. You can find out more over on the Rocket League blog.