Rocket League is getting four limited-time only modes in May – here's what they are

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Rocket League Season 14 is here, and Psyonix is adding a bunch of new modes for fans of the vehicular sports title in May.

With four events taking place over the course of the month, there are reasons to log in each week.

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Here are the new modes coming, as per Psyonix's blog post which you can find here.

May 1 to May 4 – Dropshot Rumble

As per Psyonix, this is "Dropshot enhanced by the zany power-ups from Rumble".

May 7 to May 11 – Beach Ball

The closest we'll get to the beach this summer, this is "2v2 fun in the sun where the ball floats and curves just like a beach ball".

There's plenty to do in May
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May 14 to May 18 – Boomer Ball

This is due to be unveiled on May 14, so be sure to check back.

May 21 to May 26 – Heatseeker

The fan-favourite mode returns – find out more here.

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