Is The Octane About To Be Dethroned?

You’re probably aware of the fact that the Octane car, and also its hitbox, is probably the most popular in Rocket League. You’ll see a lot of other cars as you play, thankfully, but the Octane generally reigns supreme as the one to beat when it comes to higher skill levels. It’s nearly everywhere, and it’s mostly thanks to the way it can hit the ball.

However, it’s also kind of a weird shape given that the hitbox on it is a rectangle. The Octane, as you’ll know, is more of a wedge than a rectangle, so while it’s the car a lot of people are used to, it’s not necessarily the best car for its own hitbox. We know that sounds weird, but we’re also not the only people who’ve noticed this.

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Get Outta Here Octane, Dingo Is Here To Stay

“This car feels like a hitbox.” Those are the words spoken by the one and only Lethamyr in the video above. He goes into great detail about the whole thing in the video, but the short of it is that, unlike the Octane, the Dingo actually feels like the hitbox, and that’s a surprisingly rare thing in Rocket League.

It means that you have better visual feedback from your car, and that’s a huge bonus over having to just instinctively know where everything is. It means that newer players can pick up the Octane hitbox in a way that makes sense, and it also means that content creators should be able to better explain certain mechanics using it.

Of course, the only problem with that at the moment is that the Dingo is a bit of a pain to get your hands on. It’s currently dropping in blueprints, which you can try and farm, but there’s really no way outside of trading to get the ones you actually want. Still, though, it’ll be interesting to see if other players agree with us and Lethamyr when it comes to this because an RLCS filled with a new car would be a sight to behold.

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