Rocket League Fans, Watch This Video To Understand Why Lethamyr Is So Good

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It’s not really a secret that Lethamyr, despite no longer being a pro player, is one of the best players in the world of Rocket League. It’s kind of awe-inspiring to watch his videos, and his road to SSL series helped us all gain a little bit of insight into how he thinks, and maybe even helped some of us rank up as well.

He is, however, not always a player that shows off mechanically. Sure, the guy knows how to flip reset, but he only ever really gets mechanical when he’s proving a point or trying to show off. He’s a player with S tier game sense and car control, and it means he’s a little easier to emulate than many high-level content creators. If you’re in the market for understanding more about his decisions and his playstyle, then we’ve got a video to show you.


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Time To Analyse Lethamyr

The breakdown in question comes from SpookLuke who is not only a content creator but a Rocket League coach. It’s fascinating to watch SpookLuke go over all of the tiny decisions that Lethamyr’s making, the way he moves, and how he rotates, because it’s all stuff that you can emulate even if you’re a bit newer to the game.


There’s very little in the video that’s completely absurd in terms of mechanical skill, it’s almost all pure game sense. Game sense is something that takes a long time to develop on your own, but it’s also one of the things you can gain by watching a lot of great players. By looking at how high-level Rocket League players move, when they rotate, how they zig-zag to get boost as they do so, you can try and pick that up when those situations happen in a game to yourself.

The whole video is fascinating, and while SpookLuke is basically constantly complementing Lethamyr, it’d be hard to do otherwise when watching such a talented player. It’s also interesting to see a coach’s perspective on all of this, because they’re the people literally trying to teach people all of this stuff for a living.