Did You Know That There are Rocket League speedruns?

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Sometimes you end up plumbing the depths of YouTube when you’re in desperate need of new #content to consume. Watching Rocket League can be a huge part of getting better at the game, and as a result, it really helps to consume as many videos as you can from creators, because you can basically absorb skills, rotations, and game sense, by osmosis.

Well, in our recent explorations of the scene, we came across some speed-running videos, one from Wayton Pilkin, and one from CBell. Both of these show off the same thing but in very different ways. It’s really odd to think about the idea of people speedrunning a game like Rocket League, but hey, we all need hobbies.


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A Very Specific Speedrun


Wayton’s video has him explaining a bit more about the scene on the whole. It turns out that there are actually a fair few different speedrunning categories over at Speedrun.com, and that each of them has different things you need to accomplish.

Wayton takes on the challenge of doing the Basic + Advanced training category, where he is currently sitting at 2nd place, although that wasn’t the case when he actually did the video. This style of speedrunning feels a lot more achievable than CBell’s one, but they’re both a huge amount of fun to watch.

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Reach For The Stars


While Wayton goes for a very specific speedrun, CBell aims to take the world record for going from Bronze to Grand Champion. He decides to do this with the help of a friend in doubles. Thankfully, his friend is a Supersonic Legend, so it makes it a little easier, but as a GC himself, it’s not like CBell is a slacker here.

The two battle their way through the ranks at an impressive rate, and it’s incredibly interesting to see how fast you can rank up if you simply don’t lose. It’s also interesting to see these kinds of play, because while you might not be aware of it, Rocket League has a lot more going on for it than just being stuck in Diamond.

If you actually wanted to try out some of these speedruns yourself, you can take a look at the different categories over on Speedrun.com, and you can see the rules in each category too. Just let us know if you end up becoming a record holder.