Why 'Faking.' Is The Funniest Rocket League Quick Chat

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We wrote about the most toxic quick chats in Rocket League on Monday, and if you’ve not read it yet, then you should go and do so. We’ve all been a little toxic at some point in Rocket League, but hopefully, it’s never gone into some of the worst realms of what comes out of some people’s keyboards.

There was, however, one chat we left out that you might not agree with - the 'Faking.' quick chat.

The reason for that is simple; we don’t think it’s toxic at all. In fact, as you’ve probably gathered based on the title of this article, we actually think it’s one of the best ones in the game. Now, you might disagree with us, but give us a chance to explain our reasoning for it.

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Why 'Faking.' Is The Funniest Rocket League Quick Chat

The simple beauty of 'Faking.'

Now then, 'Faking.' should, theoretically, be used in team chat to tell your teammates that you’re going to fake an attack, block, shot, or whatever else you want to fake. It would, ideally, be used to tell your friends that they should be prepared to react to that accordingly by actually attacking, or actually blocking, or whatever it is that needs doing.

However, it’s far funnier when you don’t use it in team chat at all, but in the general chat. This way, everyone can see that you’re saying Faking. but they’ll have no way of knowing your intentions. Are you actually about to fake? If so, why would you tell them about it? If not, then does that mean you’re faking your faking? If not that, then maybe you’re faking that you’re faking your faking?

It’s not just that either; it’s absolutely the perfect response to every single time you whiff something in the game. Nothing is funnier than watching someone go for a sick ceiling shot, only to have them accidentally backflip and completely miss the ball, and then follow it up with 'Faking.'

'Faking.' could theoretically have actual tactical uses, but we implore you to completely ignore those and only ever use it as a slapstick sound effect. It’s just better for everyone that way, and in the heat of the moment when things get far too serious in the middle of a Rocket League match, a whiff followed by a 'Faking.' can serve as an excellent reminder of the fact that Rocket League is a game, and maybe we should all be having fun with it.