Roblox Shirt Template - How to Use and Create Clothing

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Searching for a Roblox shirt template to make your own clothing? One of the unique things about Roblox in comparison to a lot of other popular games is that it lets you create your own cosmetics to wear yourself, or even to sell for Robux on the avatar store as part of the player economy. Anyone can do this so long as you have an image editor, a Roblox shirt template, and Robux to list the item.

If you aren't particularly tech-savvy, you can still make a T-Shirt, since it's just one image, but if you want clothes that are more likely to appeal to players, complex designs are preferable. This is where a Roblox shirt template comes in, allowing you to sculpt your images and design onto your avatar's 3D model. It sounds complex, but once you grasp the basic concept and get a look at the template, it's technically as simple as making a 3D cube out of paper and cellotape.

If you're looking for inspiration and free cosmetics, be sure to check out our Roblox codes list. We also have helpful guides around how to dance in Roblox, how to trade items in Roblox, and many, many more in our Roblox guides hub. That said, here's everything you need to know about using a Roblox shirt template.


How Do I Make a Roblox T-Shirt?

The simplest clothing to make is a Roblox T-shirt, as all you have to do is upload an image to the site to go on the front of it. To do this, make sure your image is at least 512x512, then upload it to the site using the Asset Manager in the Roblox Studio. You can get access to this by selecting the 'View' tab. Do make sure that your image file is either a png, jpg, tga, or bmp file type, though.

Roblox Shirt Template

For those who want to get a little snazzier with their Roblox clothing, or to sell it on the avatar store, your best bet is a shirt or pants. Unlike T-shirts, these are complex to make since the image has to wrap around multiple sides. Like a 3D cube, the best way to design your shirt or pants is with a template. Luckily, Roblox provides them on its official developer site, and you can use these to sculpt images to fit. Here are the two Roblox shirt templates:

Torso and Arms

A Roblox shirt template covering torso and arms
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Torso and Legs

A Roblox shirt template covering torso and legs
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Here are measurements from the official Roblox developer site for each individual section of the templates, corresponding to the visual tags:

Clothing Section Size (width×height in pixels)
Front and back of torso128x128
Sides of torso/arms/legs (R, L, B, F)64×128
Top and bottom of torso128×64
Top and bottom of arms/legs (U, D)64×64

How Do I Make a Roblox Shirt?

The actual process of making a Roblox shirt isn't as tough as you might think. Just follow these instructions and you can make one, too:

  • Download a shirt template from the Roblox developer site
  • Open the template in your chosen image editor
  • Design your shirt by fitting images to the exact dimensions of the template
  • Once you've done that, you can upload it to the studio

You can find lots of fun ideas for Roblox clothing on the avatar shop by searching based upon what kind of thing you want to make.

A lineup of Roblox characters in a street.
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How Do I Upload My Roblox Shirt?

Once you're happy with the design you've created with the Roblox shirt template, you can upload and sell it on the avatar shop. In order to do this, though, you'll have to pay a small fee. The upload fee for a shirt or pants is ten Robux, as is the sell fee for a T-shirt. That said, you can also test clothing without paying a fee by using a dummy. Once the clothing has been tested, you can then upload it:

  • Head to the Roblox 'Create' page
  • Choose 'Shirts', 'Pants', or 'T-shirts' from the left column, depending on what your design is
  • Select 'Choose File' to choose your template
  • Enter your item's name
  • Hit the upload button. When the item is approved by Roblox, it will appear as a creation and can be worn by your avatar or sold to other Roblox players

And that's what you need to know about making clothing and Roblox shirt templates. If you're looking for other handy guides, we have plenty more in our dedicated Roblox section.