Milking Simulator codes - Launch freebies (September 2022)

A Sheep Swarm Simulator character holding buckets of milk

A Sheep Swarm Simulator character holding buckets of milk

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at being a sheep farmer? Well, now is your chance! Sheep Swarm Simulator, changed to Sheep Simulator, and now to Milking Simulator, has launched in beta, meaning you can now shepherd a crowd of sheep to your heart's content. Hopefully, there'll be some Milking Simulator codes to help us along, too.

The aim here is to grow your flock and level them up, but this requires gold and milk - the game's two main currencies. These are gained by taking your sheep to graze in the field, then milking them back at the barn. Meanwhile, you must protect your cuboid animals from wild foxes that constantly spawn around the sheep as they eat. You can purchase eggs to get new sheep for 400 milk a pop, so you can have a glorious flock in no time.

If you like collecting animals in Roblox, we recommend Adopt Me, Pet Simulator X, and Bee Swarm Simulator for you to try! Check out our code pages for some free stuff.

All working Milking Simulator codes

  • EID - 2 x Player Speed Boosts
  • 1000! - 200 Gold, 1 x Strength Boost, 1 x Milking Boost
  • 300! - 1 x Animal Shield, 2 x Instant Converter, 1 x Grazing Boost

Expired codes:

No Sheep Swarm Simulator codes have expired yet. We'll be sure to add any expired codes down below to make sure you don't waste any time trying to redeem them.

How to redeem codes in Sheep Swarm Simulator.
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How do I redeem Milking Simulator codes?

Redeeming the codes in Milking Simulator will be easy. Head to the shopping tab and scroll all the way to the bottom. There you'll find the box to pop the codes into. Hit redeem, and there you go!

In the Sheep Swarm Simulator game, it tells us to follow developer Piddy on Twitter, as he will release codes. They will also likely release in the official Discord codes channel, too.

What are Milking Simulator codes?

Though we don't have any codes yet, it is likely that they will provide gold and boosts to players. They could give bonus milk, too.

Gold is used to level up your individual sheep, which means they graze for more grass at a time, speeding things along and producing more milk. It costs 30 gold for each level upgrade.

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You can spend your hard-earned milk on a few things: new eggs to get shiny new sheep, open new areas to adventure in, and buy new weapons to bash the foxes that keep coming back.

Has Milking Simulator changed names?

Originally, the game was titled Sheep Swarm Simulator, but during development shortened it to just Sheep Simulator.

It is now titled Milking Simulator instead.

What Sheep can I get in Milking Simulator?

There are a few different flavours of sheep that you can get in Sheep Swarm Simulator. They rank from common to mythical and have different drop rates depending on the rarity.

The common sheep you can get include the normal, pirate, and ocean sheep, while the two rare types are king and candy sheep. When we manage to get our hands on the epic, legendary, and mythical sheep, we'll update this guide with all the essential info.

To begin, your inventory can hold up to 25 sheep, but you can only equip four at a time. We recommend choosing them based on their stats, not on looks, as getting more grazing in the early game will help you out.

In later areas, there is a diamond and a gold sheep machine - but you need to unlock these first. The areas cost a good few thousand milk each, so they don't come cheap. Fingers crossed for more Sheep Swarm Simulator codes, right?

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