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Roblox Promo Codes May 2021: Free Roblox Codes List And How To Redeem Free Codes

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Roblox Promo Codes (May 1 Update) - We’ve checked our list for new and expired codes.


Original Story - It's the start of May and that means it's time to claim some new Roblox promo codes to accessories your avatar with some swanky new bling.

Considering most items in Roblox require spending Robux, this is a handy and very much welcome addition. After all, who doesn't like free stuff?

Below we have shared an up-to-date list of active Roblox Promo codes for May 2021. Should any further promo codes for the month become available, we'll endeavour to update the guide.

But before you check out these latest codes, you will probably need to know how to redeem them. Especially if you're completely new to the game. Don’t stress, it’s super simple.

How To Claim Free Roblox Codes?

Players first should head to the main Roblox website and log into their account.

Next, go to the Promo Code Redemption Page.

Players should see a little box to enter their promo codes. Enter the code into the field and then click redeem.

If your code is successful you'll see a green thumbs-up to show its been redeemed successfully. If it doesn't work, you'll get a red thumbs down.

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Once you've successfully redeemed the promo code, head to your account's inventory to view it in all its glory. If you can't find it, make sure you check the correct inventory category.

Roblox 8th Annual Bloxy Awards Logo
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New Roblox Promo Codes For May 2021

Below is a list of some of the latest Roblox Promo Codes available as of May 2021.

More codes could also be on the way, so make sure you bookmark this page or keep visiting to ensure you don't miss out on any new codes as they go live.

Keep scrolling and you'll also find a list of existing Roblox Promo Codes, which have been available for some time.


Bloxy Award 2021 Free Items -

As part of the 8th Annual Bloxy Awards a new game was added.

The Bloxy Awards Hub game is available to play right this very second and there's several items you can claim from playing the game. Players can currently earn:


Royal Blood Beanie -

The English rock band performed during the Bloxy Awards and to celebrate that momentous occasion players can grab this free beanie hat item

There's no code for this one, just claim the free Royal Blood Beanie from the Roblox Avatar Shop.

Roblox Beanie for Royal Blood Band
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Fan Hand Sign (Why Don't We) -


There's no code for this new back accessory, the latest freebie given away in 2021.

It's all in aid of celebrating the 'Why Don't We Launch Party'. That's a band in case you didn't know. Although there's plenty more info on the link above.

All you need to know is that it's free from the Roblox team. Just follow the link to claim it!

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Shield of the Sentinel -

There's no code for this one. Instead, you'll need to play the Beat the Scammers game. Once you've answered 10 questions correctly within the game, you'll be able to claim the shield.

The shield should be added to your avatar's inventory upon answering the tenth question. Almost, as easy as entering a free Roblox Promo Code.

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Twitch Prime Tech-Head Hat

The latest Amazon Prime Bonus is this fetching box TV. Yes, really, this is what a TV used to look like before they became all slim and easy to carry.

The Tech-Head Hat is not currently available for sale but if you link your Amazon Prime account you can claim it for yourself for free.

It's that simple really.

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ALL Roblox Promo Codes - April 2021

Here's a quick rundown of some existing promo codes that are still working and can be redeemed at the time of writing:


Expired Roblox Promo Codes

The codes found below were previously available and mentioned on this page, but unfortunately can no longer be redeemed for free (sorry).

It's possible they'll be available again in the future, but for now, you cannot use them.

  • Arctic Ninja Cat Hat - Use code 'RIHAPPYCAT2021'
  • DRRABBITEARS2020 - Redeem code for a Royal Winter Rabbit Ears Hat
  • TRUASIACAT2020 - Redeem code for a White Cat Wizard Hat
  • ROBLOXTIKTOK - Redeem code for a Red Panda Party Pet
  • ROSSMANNHAT2020 - Redeem code for a Chilly Winter Wizard Hat
  • BIHOOD2020 - Redeem code for an Arctic Blue Fuzzy Tiger Hood
  • WALMARTMXTAIL2020 - Redeem code for a Wintery Peacock Tail
  • ARGOSWINGS2020 - Redeem code for a Topaz Hummingbird Wings
  • TARGETFOX2020 - Redeem code for a Fiery Fox Shoulder Pal
  • AMAZONNARWHAL2020 - Redeem code for a Dapper Narwhal Shoulder Pal
  • SMYTHSHEADPHONES2020 - Redeem code for a free Gnarly Triangle Headphones
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