Roblox Adopt Me Easter Egg Locations: Where Are The Easter Eggs In Adopt Me?

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If you've been playing Roblox, you've likely heard of Adopt Me. A game within the popular creation title, it's seen 20 billion visits and half a million concurrent players.

A recent update added the Easter Egg event, and they're well worth hunting for. Here's where to find them, and what they do.

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What do Easter Eggs do in Adopt Me?

While in real life they're full of chocolate, in Adopt Me Easter Eggs are essentially a type of currency.

Grab as many as you can, and you'll be able to buy new goodies to decorate your home, all Easter-themed, of course.

Where to find Easter Eggs in Adopt Me?

With thirty eggs to find, we turned to YouTube to find out how to uncover the eggs - and Blue Lemon obliged.


Check out the video below, which showcases every egg location.

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