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Punch a Skibi codes (October 2023) - Free pets

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A Roblox character punching a man in Punch a Skibi.
September 27, 2023: We've updated our list of new Punch a Skibi codes.

Looking for Punch a Skibi codes? This Roblox game from xFrozen Obbys is all about smacking down your rivals, throwing harsh punches to level up your strength and unlock increasingly complex realms to explore. As such, codes can be really handy in helping you progress during the early stages.

In this guide, we'll break down all the active Punch a Skibi codes you can redeem right now. Alongside that, we'll look at the code redemption process, while also highlighting a few places where you can check for more codes down the line.

New Punch a Skibi codes (October 2023)

  • OPPET1 - Free pet
  • SKIBI8 - Win Potion (YouTube code)
  • RELEASE - Free pet
  • OPPETCODE2 - uTube Broli Pet (YouTube code)
  • SKIBI4 - Win Potion (YouTube code)

Expired codes:

  • No expired codes
The code redemption screen in Punch a Skibi.
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How do I use Punch a Skibi codes?

It's incredibly easy to use Punch a Skibi codes. In fact, the process is identical on PC and mobile versions of Roblox. This is what to do:

  • Boot up Punch a Skibi from the Roblox game page.
  • Head to the Codes buttons on the right hand side. There's one for Twitter, and one for YouTube.
  • If a code above is marked as a YouTube code, paste it into that box. Otherwise, use the Twitter box.
  • Hit Redeem to get your freebies!

What are Punch a Skibi codes?

As with so many other Roblox games, Punch a Skibi codes are free coupons used to snag extra in-game items. It's a great incentive to keep long-term players engaged, while also ensuring newcomers have a boost to get them started.

So far, Punch a Skibi codes can be used to get loads of exclusive pets. This is one of the main progression mechanics in the game, increasing your efficiency and thus your ability to harvest Wins to unlock new areas. Therefore, you'll definitely want to redeem all the Punch a Skibi codes you can!

How do I get more Punch a Skibi codes?

With the game out now, it seems that more Punch a Skibi codes are due to arrive thick and fast. Therefore, we've collected a few links to places where you can nab more codes, ensuring you'll always get all the available freebies.

First and foremost, keep an eye on the game's Roblox page. There's usually a code lurking in the description, so you can't miss it when logging in to play Punch a Skibi. Equally, there are Twitter exclusive codes and YouTube exclusive codes, plus a Discord server. All of these are crucial resources if you want more freebies in the game.


How do I play Punch a Skibi? - Game page link

Of course, for any of this you'll need the Punch a Skibi Roblox game page. We've linked it below so you've always got it handy.

Click here for the Punch a Skibi Roblox game page.

That's it for our look at Punch a Skibi codes! For more Roblox codes like this, go ahead and grab the latest Untitled Boxing Game codes, as well as GPO codes and Weak Legacy codes.

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