Pirates Dream Discord link - How to get access and support

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Pirate's Dream Discord Link - How to Get Access and Support
September 29, 2022: All information here has been rechecked.

If you're looking for the Pirate's Dream Discord, this is everything you need to know. Being the best way of getting ahold of the community, new codes and so much more, there are plenty of reasons to visit the discord.

Unfortunately, a new name and sometimes finicky verification system may hold you back. Here's the discord link, alongside steps on how to join and everything else you need to know if you want to join the Roblox Pirate's Dream community.

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How do I get access to the Pirate's Dream Discord?

Unfortunately, as of right now, the Discord group for Pirate's Dream is not called Pirate's Dream. It is, instead, called Artist 3.0 Productions. It is made by the creators of the game and likely intended to be the Discord for all future game modes.

Pirate's Dream Discord Link - How to Get Access and Support

Where is the Pirates Dream Discord Link?


As the Official Roblox page has not gone live yet so you have to find it via the team's Twitter or from a link sent directly to you. Luckily, we have the Pirates Dream Discord link right here.

If you already have Discord installed, it should automatically allow you to join the server. You will have to accept the invite when it opens up but it should work just fine. If, for any reason, it doesn't work, try closing your Discord and opening it again. If you want to skip all of this, you can opt to use it entirely within your browser.

How to talk in the Pirates Dream Discord

The Pirates Dream Discord has a built-in verification process. Unfortunately, Roblox is filled with scammers and cheaters so it's the best way to monitor the community. Once you have accepted the invite, you will be able to view many of the Discord's rooms but you can only talk once you have been verified. To do this, go to the "verify instructions" tab, then the "verify" tab.

In here, you will see a link for 'bloxlink'. Here, you have two major ways of verifying. With the Code Verification', you have to display a certain code in your Roblox account, so they can verify you own it. If you don't want to do this, go to Game Verification, where you have to put in your username and play a certain game.

After this, pick the servers you want to be verified in and type in '/verify' to the Discord server for it to check. If all has been done correctly, you should now have access to the Discord. If this goes wrong, you could always click the link again and try it once more. If this doesn't work, open the link from an incognito tab and verify everything once more. I had some problems verifying my account but going to a new tab fixed it for me.

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