Pet Simulator X Merchant Spawn Times and Mystery Merchant Guide

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Screenshot from Pet Simulator X, showign the trading post hidden behind a locked door
January 22, 2022: With the Glitch update now out, we'll be updating the Pet Simulator X Merchant list with any new changes made with the patch.

Pet Simulator X is a Roblox game boasting hundreds of animals to collect, and the Pet Simulator X merchant is a very useful way to get even more. This mobile vendor is a key resource in your quest to compile the cutest pets, so it's good to know as much about them as possible.

Our Pet Simulator X merchant guide will break down what the merchant does, as well as where you can find them. This is easier said than done, so we've got some helpful tips, and a look at the items currently for sale. On top of that, we've got a glimpse at the Mystery Merchant, another type of vendor who can provide even more boosts.

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What Is the Pet Simulator X Merchant?

As the name suggests, the Pet Simulator X merchant is a mobile vendor that sells a range of pets. At any one time, their shop will only offer three pets, though which animals these actually are will vary on each appearance. Yes, the merchant doesn't stay in one place for long, and they only appear sporadically throughout games, disappearing at times and reappearing without warning. This means you'll need to keep a keen eye out to catch the merchant while they're still about.

Equally, the merchant usually sells rare animal variants, including the much sought-after rainbow types. As such, you'll want to keep an eye out for when the merchant arrives, as you could snag yourself a rare companion. Of course, this is broadly down to luck, as you can never predict what the merchant will sell before they rock up.

Once you've found the merchant across the map, you can interact with them to see which pets are currently on offer. Based on how many diamonds you've got, you'll be able to add one to your collection.

Screenshot from Pet Simulator X, showing several animals following the player across a golden landscape
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How Do I Find the Pet Simulator X Merchant?

As a sporadic and unpredictable vendor, it's hard to say where and when the Pet Simulator X merchant will appear. The good news, however, is that their location is always the same; it's just their time of arrival that can vary.

Yes, if you're looking for the merchant in Pet Simulator X, look no further than the shop biome in the main hub world. If the merchant is active, that's where they'll be, marked clearly by the big 'Shop' sign overhead.


The slightly more difficult issue is predicting when the merchant will appear. As mentioned, they aren't always present, only appearing at sporadic times throughout the day. Sadly, there's no way to predict when this will happen, but a merchant usually appears at least once an hour. Luckily, just before the merchant's arrival, a lobby-wide message is posted, informing players that they'll soon be able to spend their diamonds. Once you see that, you'll know the merchant will be arriving soon, giving you time to head to the hub world and get to the shop biome in time.

What Does The Pet Simulator X Merchant Sell?

As mentioned, the Pet Simulator X merchant sells a range of animals available in the game. Since all animals can otherwise be unlocked by hatching eggs, using the merchant to buy a pet is more useful if there's a specific one you want, letting you purchase it instantly without the luck involved to hatch it.

Since the merchant's wares are never fixed, almost all of the animals available in the game have been sold by the vendor over time. However, some are no longer available for sale and are once again restricted to just hatches. We've compiled a list of base animals that are likely to appear with the merchant, as well as their going price.

Pet Name Price (Diamonds)
Blue Fluffy6.06m
Red Fluffy6.06m
Star Surfer7.37m
Dominus Alienus9.57m
North Pole Wolf13.2m
Alien Parasite10.8m
Silver Stag6.8m
Silver Dragon7.37m
Galaxy Fox7.63m
Santa Paws8.93m

Evidently, the current roster just scratches the surface of pets available in Pet Simulator X. The merchant's wares are constantly rotating, and the current variety is themed around Christmas pets. As such, expect them to change as time goes on and new events arrive in Pet Simulator X.

Pet Simulator X Mystery Merchant Explained

On top of the base merchant, the Mystery Merchant is another vendor that appears in Pet Simulator X. Unlike the first merchant, the Mystery Merchant can appear in various places, and only shows up twice per 24-hour period.


The Mystery Merchant can appear in two different locations: the Cave, or the Trading Plaza. They'll only stick around for ten minutes per appearance, meaning you'll need to be quick to get trading before they disappear. Luckily, it seems like they come with the same ten-minute warning to give you notice of their arrival beforehand.

However, the chances are you'll definitely want to catch the Mystery Merchant while they're around. They sell the same array of animals as the base merchant, but at a 65% discount. That makes them a very useful resource to find, but that's of course easier said than done.