Oil Warfare Tycoon Codes - Free Cash and Boosts (June 2022)

Artwork for Oil Warfare Tycoon featuring camouflaged battle vehicles in Roblox

Artwork for Oil Warfare Tycoon featuring camouflaged battle vehicles in Roblox
June 15, 2022: One new Oil Tycoon Warfare has dropped as part of the biggest update yet. It only took six months.

Searching for new Oil Warfare Tycoon codes? You’ve struck liquid gold, boss. These codes will help you inject massive cash boosts to help bolster your war effort. With more cash comes the means to buy even more armaments, defenses, and gas-guzzling war machines.

Developed by Green Titans Entertainment, Oil Warfare Tycoon is a very on-the-nose Roblox title that challenges you to use weapons and vehicles to fight in a great desert battle. With a traditional Roblox Rebirth feature tossed in for good measure, this game can soak up a lot of your free time if you'll let it.

Before we reveal the latest Oil Warfare Tycoon codes, open up our extensive Roblox guide hub. If this isn't your only Roblox pastime, consider using Tower Defense: Shinobi codes, King Legacy Codes, and even the latest Bitcoin Miner codes if Roblox cryptocurrency games whet your appetite.

All Working Oil Warfare Tycoon Codes

  • BlueBird - (NEW)
  • Stonks - Multiplies all your cash earnings by two for the next 10 minutes

The following Oil Tycoon Warfare codes were last checked and confirmed expired on June 15, 2022.

Expired Codes

  • TrickOrTreat - Had a 50-50 chance of either granting you 25,000 Cash or instantly killing you.
Oil Warfare Tycoon codes can be used as soon as you start the game.
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How Do I Use Oil Warfare Tycoon Codes?

  • Launch Oil Warfare Tycoon from the official Roblox website
  • Tap the settings icon on the right side of the screen, next to the visible cash counter
  • Enter the respective code in the pop-up window that appears on your screen.
  • Click on 'Apply Code' to claim the respective freebies

Similar to most Roblox games, redeeming Oil Warfare Tycoon codes is a fairly simple task to perform even for new players. You can use them as soon as you start the game, and there's no need to spam the chat channels with silly extra codes as well. Just tap or click the Twitter icon on the right of the screen and type your Oil Warfare Tycoon codes into the box.

Where Do I Find More Oil Warfare Tycoon Codes?

Apart from the codes already mentioned in this guide, you can keep an eye on Oil Warfare Tycoon's official Roblox group. Joining this group will also allow you to claim a free M4A1 Acog weapon in the game.

Additionally, you should also regularly check for any updates on social media from the developer. Given that the team has already confirmed that more Oil Warfare Tycoon codes could arrive with the upcoming winter event, you should consider adding a bookmark to this page and checking back frequently. We will be sure to update our list as soon as new Oil Warfare Tycoon codes become available.

Oil Warfare Tycoon codes are big deals on the battlefield.
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When Is the Next Oil Warfare Tycoon Code Drop?

A new Oil Warfare Tycoon code is set to drop when the game reached 75,000 Likes on its page. As of December 31, it has 69,000 likes. Nice.

Even if there aren't any new Oil Warfare Tycoon codes to redeem, you can always claim a free Green Titans Entertainment-branded M4A1 ACOG by joining the game's Roblox group with the account you use to play it.

How Do I Play Oil Warfare Tycoon?

Playing Oil Warfare Tycoon can be extremely enjoyable and is even easier to join. All you need to do is head over to the official Oil Warfare Tycoon game page on Roblox and click on the green play button to launch the game on your preferred device.

Given that the game involves quite a bit of farming and leveling up, your first experience in the game should be getting to know the basic mechanics of how the game works—which typically boils down to grabbing a gun and clicking to take down enemies.

Given that the game is often updated with new weapons and features, how you take down your foes might change each and every day. Just recently, the developers added Blizzard Helicopters and a modified version of the ACS Gun System to spice things up. Grab whatever you can from our Oil Warfare Tycoon codes and get back into the fight.

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