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Murim Cultivation codes (September 2023) - Free aptitude spins

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A Roblox anime character in Murim Cultivation.
September 25, 2023: We've added two new Murim Cultivation codes for you to use!

If you love action-packed Roblox games, then Murim Cultivation codes are bound to be up your street. This relatively new game from Kotzuki is all about combat, and if you want a helping hand upgrading your abilities and getting one up on your rivals, codes are a safe bet.

In this guide, we'll list all the Murim Cultivation codes we can find, while also detailing what each one unlocks. On top of that, we'll break down the Murim Cultivation code redemption process, so you know exactly what to do.

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New Murim Cultivation codes (September 2023)

  • 7K likes - Ten aptitude spins (NEW)
  • SectUpdate - Four aptitude spins
  • Fixes2 - Four aptitude spins
  • 5kLikes - Ten aptitude spins
  • 4kLikes - Ten aptitude spins
The code redemption screen in Murim Cultivation.
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Credit: Gfinity Esports

How to redeem Murim Cultivation codes

Redeeming Murim Cultivation codes is really easy, and works on all versions of Roblox, no matter the platform. This is what to do:

  • Boot up Murim Cultivation via the Roblox game page.
  • Build your character, and progress until you're in an open lobby.
  • Tap the Menu button, then Settings on the following screen.
  • Paste a code from our list into the text box and hit Confirm.

What are Murim Cultivation codes?

So far, Murim Cultivation codes are a one-stop way of getting extra aptitude spins. This lets you randomly reroll your aptitude stat, which determines your strength in combat and the damage you can do to enemy players.

Fortunately, Murim Cultivation codes seem to dish out plenty of these spins, meaning you'll have lots of opportunities to spin and see how high you can get the aptitude stat. Since it directly contributes to your effectiveness in the game, it's great that you can try so many times in the hope of getting a lucky spin!

How to get more Murim Cultivation codes

While Murim Cultivation isn't an especially new game, codes do tend to land fairly frequently. We've listed a few places down below to check for more Murim Cultivation codes, ensuring you never miss out on a freebie.


Your first port of call ought to be the Murim Cultivation Discord server. Once you're in, you'll see a dedicated Murim updates channel, which contains details of codes included with patches for the game.

Alternatively, you can bookmark this page and check back often. We'll update our list as soon as new Murim Cultivation codes arrive, or any current ones expire. That way, you'll always be on top of freebies.

How to play Murim Cultivation - Roblox game page

Of course, you'll need the Murim Cultivation Roblox game page to actually dive in and redeem your codes. We've got it right here for you:

Click here for the Murim Cultivation Roblox game page.

That's all we've got on Murim Cultivation codes so far! For even more freebies, go ahead and snag the latest YBA codes and War Tycoon codes.

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