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Multiverse Defenders codes (August 2023) - Free Roblox rewards

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A group of Roblox anime characters in Multiverse Defenders.
August 8, 2023: We've added a new Multiverse Defenders code.

Looking for Multiverse Defenders codes? This much-anticipated Roblox game has launched worldwide, meeting fans expectations and blowing past them. Developed by System Arts Studio, it's one of the most hyped Roblox games of 2023, so codes are all but guaranteed.

In this guide, we'll break down all the working Multiverse Defenders codes you can redeem at launch, alongside details on exactly how that'll work.

New Multiverse Defenders codes (August 2023)

  • 9KFavs - 250 gems (NEW)
  • 2MVisits - 500 Rem (NEW)
  • Sub2oGVexx – 250 gems
  • 20kVisit – 200 gems
  • OpenBeta – 250 gems

Expired codes:

  • 8MFAVS

How do I use Multiverse Defenders codes?

If you've redeemed codes in any other Roblox game, you probably know how to redeem codes in Multiverse Defenders.

Here's how to do it:

  • Boot up Multiverse Defenders via the Roblox game page.
  • Look for the building that looks like a cloud
  • You'll find a figure with a 'Codes' notice hanging above it
  • Enter the code and enjoy your free rewards

What are Multiverse Defenders codes?

So far, we've only gotten a code to celebrate the hyped-up release of Multiverse Defenders, which grants gems. Still, we believe that as soon as more codes are added, the developers will add extra rewards.

The contents of these codes are entirely at the discretion of the developers. We expect you'll see some currency, upgrade resources, and potentially the odd cosmetic item or two. This is usually par for the course when it comes to Roblox games, so Multiverse Defenders will likely go down a similar route.

How do I get more Multiverse Defenders codes?

The game has launched with a single code to redeem, but we expect more down the line. As such, we've compiled a few places for you to check, ensuring you never miss a freebie.

First and foremost, keep an eye on the Multiverse Defenders Discord server. It's packed with information on the game, so will no doubt host some codes alongside regular updates and patch notes. There's also a YouTube channel to subscribe to, which may well release platform-exclusive codes one day.

How do I play Multiverse Defenders? - Roblox page link


Before any of this, you'll need the link to actually play Multiverse Defenders. We've got it right here for you:

Click here for the Multiverse Defenders Roblox game page link.

Is Multiverse Defenders out?

Yes! Multiverse Defenders released on Roblox on July 8, 2023.

That's it for our look at Multiverse Defenders codes. For more Roblox codes like this, grab the latest Project Slayers codes, GPO codes, and Fishing Simulator codes.

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