Monkey Tycoon codes (February 2024)

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February 15, 2024 - We've checked if there are new Monkey Tycoon codes.

Looking for the newest Monkey Tycoon codes on Roblox? Well, you're in luck! Our guide will have all of the latest and greatest codes for the game. Codes are a key feature of most popular Roblox games, and Monkey Tycoon is no different.

Monkey Tycoon is a fun, casual game where you build a tower of monkeys. It's that simple! You'll need a bunch of monkeys to be able to build the tower, but that's where these codes can be of help.

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All working Monkey Tycoon codes (February 2024)

Below you can find a list of all the currently working Monkey Tycoon codes. All you need to do is hit the 'copy' button beside your desired code, and it will be automatically ready to paste into your game.

Monkey Tycoon codes

New HughMungusrewards
New /codelist2 Sacrifices
New Arboreal15 million monkeys
New Baboon15 million monkeys
New Gorilla15 million monkeys
New Orangutan15 million monkeys
New Primate15 million monkeys
New Simian15 million monkeys
New bugfixing5 sacrifices
New Nevergonnagiveyouup1 million monkeys
New Nevergonnaletyoudown1 million monkeys
New Nevergonnarunaroundanddesertyou1 million monkeys
New Nevergonnamakeyoucry1 million monkeys
New Nevergonnasaygoodbye1 million monkeys
New Nevergonnatellalieandhurtyou1 million monkeys
New Thanks1 million monkeys
New Ape1 million monkeys
New Bakery1 million monkeys
New Plantain1 million monkeys
New Tarantula1 million monkeys
New September1 million monkeys
New Medusa1 million monkeys
New BloodForTheBloodGod2 sacrifices
New boogers4.8 million monkeys (you will need to interact with the ghost near the leader board at night to use this code)
New bottle3 sacrifices
New statues4.8 million monkeys
New Asteroid4 sacrifices
New RollTheDicerandom amount of monkeys
New PlayStreetWars2 sacrifices
New 1424961 million monkeys
New Hotsets you on fire
New Nothing1 million monkeys
New Freeslimemonkeyreward
New Cipher4.8 million monkeys (enter first)
New RIGVSQERGIV4.8 million monkeys (enter second)
New MonkeyTycoonForever4.8 million monkeys (enter last)
New MichaelsaJoestar10,000 monkeys
New ELSEP03M10,000 monkeys
New Boostmeupx3 boost
New Murderlimited time sword weapon
New IHopeNothingBadHappensinsta-death (consider yourself warned!)
New GOOBLESTHEALIEN100,000 monkeys
New Nirvana2 nukes
New Monkey Backwardsreward
New Radiation1 monkey
New Balls...balls
New LotsOfMonkeysrandom amount of free monkeys and high tier monkeys
Screenshot from Monkey Tycoon, showing the code redemption screen
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How do I redeem Monkey Tycoon codes?

With your codes in hand, redeeming them is very easy by following these steps.

  • Open Monkey Tycoon on the Roblox page
  • When you spawn in click the Twitter button
  • Enter the code
  • Click Redeem

How do I get more Monkey Tycoon codes?

Codes for Monkey Tycoon are distributed by the developer Team Blue Monkey. They'll give out codes for various milestones such as active players, likes, and visits. They also could give out codes for holidays or other events as well. There is also their Discord page that distributes new codes on the announcement channel. Be sure to bookmark this page, as we'll have the newest codes as they are released.

Why are my Monkey Tycoon codes not working?

It may simply be a case of trying to redeem a code that has since expired. Be sure to check back on this page regularly, as we'll update our list with any new codes we can get our hands on. We'll also confirm any codes that have expired, so you know which ones to try out.

To confirm, here are the known expired codes.

Expired codes:


And that's all we have for you! Be sure to check back regularly as we'll be updating this page with any and all new codes that come up. While you're here be sure to check out some of our other Roblox guides such as our general Roblox codes guide, our A Piece codes guide, and our Anime Fighting Simulator codes guide. We've also got a full list of working Haze Piece codes for the newest anime-inspired title that's taken the Roblox world by storm.

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