FNAF Tower Defense codes (April 2024)

Roblox character runs from FNAF characters Foxy, Freddy, and Golden Freddy
Credit: Foxy: Brusspictures / Golden Freddy: TheSubJact

Roblox character runs from FNAF characters Foxy, Freddy, and Golden Freddy
Credit: Foxy: Brusspictures / Golden Freddy: TheSubJact
April 10th, 2024: We've updated our FNAF Tower Defense codes!

Are you on the hunt for more Fazcoins in one of Roblox's best Five Nights at Freddy's games? There are plenty of towers to buy in the game, and you should cut down on the grind with our FNAF Tower Defense codes.

Its gameplay is quite different from the official FNAF games but it's still an interesting way to spend time for anyone who's a fan of the characters and story but not the scares. You're put in charge of several FNAF characters like the Purple Man and other security guards and need to stop animatronics from getting past your defences.

Before we get into the codes, we can help you with plenty of freebies in other Roblox games. We've got codes for Touhou Tower Assault if you love tower defence gameplay, Haze Piece if you love anime, and even Kaiju Paradise for the big monster lovers.

New FNAF Tower Defense codes

The codes listed below are currently active and are case-sensitive, so be sure to type them exactly as you see them or just copy and paste them. We've listed the items unlocked by each code below them, too.

You can directly copy and paste the codes from the embed below by clicking the 'copy' button nearest your chosen redeem code.

FNAF Tower Defense Codes

1YearPunchFruit Punch clown skin
TWITTERISREAL free fazcoins
WinterIsOvertoy giftbox
3MillionVisitsAwards 350 Coins
Fnafmas2023800 Fazcoins
Among us+300 Fazcoins
Dialtone+300 Fazcoins
SkinsGalore+500 Fazcoins
1MVisits+1 Level
ThanksFor2.5Million!!500 Fazcoins
ThanksFor2Mil!400 Fazcoins
Fnafmas2023800 Fazcoins

Expired Codes

FridayThe14thScott455kMembersPizzaRefundDiscord UpdateNewLobby5KFavesBudget CutsDECADELONGUPDATE

How to redeem FNAF Tower Defense codes

Redeeming codes in FNAF Tower Defense shouldn't give you too much trouble. Follow the steps listed below to get the rewards immediately.

  • Launch FNAF Tower Defense from its page on Roblox.
  • Click or tap the big 'Codes' button at the bottom of the screen
  • Type or paste the code into the box and click 'Redeem' to get your rewards.
Code redemption screen of the Roblox game FNAF Tower Defense
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Credit: Roblox FNAF Tower Defense
Redeem the codes and stock up on fazcoins!

How to get more FNAF Tower Defense codes

The best place to find FNAF Tower Defense codes is this page, so be sure to keep it in your bookmarks. We'll update this guide every month with the newest codes for you to enjoy and boost your Fazcoins with.

Otherwise, you can spend time searching through the FNAF Tower Defense Discord server, check the game's description every so often, and join the FNAF Tower Defense Roblox group.

Before you go, get in on the latest Roblox freebies. We've got you covered with Elemental Chaos codes, Block Race codes, and more - our code articles are updated regularly, so don't forget to check back for the newest releases.

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