Dunking Simulator Codes - Free Dollars and More

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Image from Dunking Simulator showing a Roblox character performing a basketball slam dunk

On the hunt for Dunking Simulator codes? This hit Roblox game from Virus Game Studio is one of the most popular games on the platform. As ever, codes are a big deal in this new sports title, and we're listing them all here as they appear.

Our Dunking Simulator codes guide runs through the freebies available in the game, as well as how to redeem them. We'll also take a look at the utility of codes, and how they could work in the future.


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Table of Contents

All Working Dunking Simulator Codes

  • There aren't any working Dunking Simulator codes right now.

The following Dunking Simulator codes have sadly expired. These were last tested and confirmed as not working on February 11, 2022.


Expired codes:

  • There aren't any expired Dunking Simulator codes either.
You can use Dunking Simulator codes without too much issue.

How Do I Use Dunking Simulator Codes?

While there may not be any Dunking Simulator codes at the moment, there is a very straightforward code redemption process. Even better, it's identical regardless of whether you're playing Roblox on mobile or PC. Here's how to do it:

  • Use the Dunking Simulator game page to launch the experience on your PC, phone, or console.
  • Once loaded into a lobby, tap the 'Codes' button to the left of the screen.
  • Type a code in and hit 'Redeem'.
  • If the code is valid and working, you'll get a message saying what you've just unlocked. It's as easy as that!

What Are Dunking Simulator Codes?

Dunking Simulator codes are free redeemable coupons you can use to grab free items.

Given the main currency in Dunking Simulator is dollars, codes are expected to give players the cash injection they need to level up their character. Equally, they could be used to grant some free stat upgrades, helping your character become even better at hitting those slam dunks.


A lot of this is speculation given that no Dunking Simulator codes are active right now. We don't even know if codes will ever be issued.

How Do I Get More Dunking Simulator Codes?

As the wait for more Dunking Simulator codes goes on, we've compiled a few handy places where you can check for future drops. If you want to redeem each coupon the second it lands, then these are the places worth keeping tabs on.

Firstly, you can't go wrong with keeping a close eye on the Dunking Simulator game page. The description is loaded with information, including details on the latest updates, so it could easily play host to codes in the future.


Additionally, follow the developers Infinite Canvas on Twitter, as their account also shares a lot about the game. Lastly, we recommend joining the Infinite Canvas Discord server, to stay in the loop on any code drops over there as well.

Of course, if you'd rather not scroll through chat logs and social media feeds to get your Dunking Simulator codes, you can simply bookmark this page and check back regularly. We'll update our list of Dunking Simulator codes the instant new freebies land, so you never need to miss out. It's as easy as checking back whenever you can, to see if any new coupons have arrived.

And that's it for our Dunking Simulator codes guide. While there aren't any active codes right now, millions of players will hotly anticipate the next dose of freebies - and we're right here to provide them once that does happen. Until they do, check out Dragon Orbz codes or even Anime Punching Simulator codes if you haven't already.