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Deepwoken races - All races, skills, and how to reroll

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Deepwoken characters together.
September 8, 2023: Looking for a Deepwoken races list? We've got you covered!

Like any serious RPG, Deepwoken races can have a big impact on your playthrough. And given death in this particular Roblox experience is permanent, you'll really want to know and understand the strengths and weaknesses of the cards you're dealt at the start before you even consider putting serious time into this premium title.

As such, we've pieced together a guide on Deepwoken races that will hopefully begin to make sense of the system, including what each of the Deepwoken races are good at, how to reroll your Deepwoken race, and, after further testing, which just so happens to be the best Deepwoken race at launch.

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Deepwoken races

  • Adret
  • Canor
  • Celtor
  • Etrean
  • Lightborn
  • Vesperian
  • Gremor
  • Khan
  • Ganymede
  • Felinor
  • Capra

Right now, Deepwoken features a staggering 11 races. Usually, you'd end that sentence with "to choose from" but that's not really an option you have in this premium Roblox title. Taking cues from the developer's other roguelike game, Rogue Lineage, you either stick with the random race you're assigned, or you pay Robux to randomly roll for another. You can't choose which one of the 11 Deepwoken races your character will inherit at the start of their life.

Deepwoken races like the Adret are shrouded in mystery.
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Deepwoken races - Rarities and skills

Being a roguelike game that looks to be taking some storytelling techniques from Dark Souls, Deepwoken race rarities and skills are typically shrouded in mystery.

The game's Trello page has folders for these details, but the available races, their rarities, or many of their skills still haven't been divulged. As such, we can only comment on what we do know about the Deepwoken races below.


Racial ability:

  • Maudet (Increased EXP gain and better ability to speak to NPCs)

Racial Stats: +2 Charisma and Willpower

In two runs, this race turned up both times for us. It isn't clear if it's just that much more common or not, but for now, it's likely that you'll play the game as this race sooner rather than later. Described as having light-blue skin and random markings on their eyes, the skills this race can bring to the table are, mysteriously, unknown.


Racial ability:

  • Loyalty (Causes allies to take less damage from attacks)

Racial Stats: +2 Charisma and Strength

One of many possible Deepwoken races available to players is the Canor. Described only as being dog-based, there's very little additional info surrounding this one.


Racial Ability:

  • Seaborne (Can obtain ships at a 20% discount and increases ship HP by 10%)

Racial Stats: +2 Intelligence and Charisma

The third listed Deepwoken race is the Celtor. Like most of the others, there's very little information available directly from the developer regarding this one. What we do know, however, is that the developer in this Q&A video from early 2020 was playing as a Celtor. Check it out to see how they look.


Racial ability:

  • Molt (Can shed ailments and blessings more quickly)
  • Decreases Acid Rain damage

Racial Stats: +2 Agility and Intelligence, +1 Health

Having a little more exposition than the other Deepwoken races listed on the Trello board, the Etrean is characterized as being a "prideful race" that harbours a hatred for the others—especially beast-like races like the Canor. They're reminiscent of snakes, possessing thin eyes, pale white skin, and matching hair. Like many others, their racial skill is unknown.


Racial ability: Unknown

Though little is known about the Lightborn race, they're presumed to be deeply rooted in the game's old lore of gods. Looking more human-like than most, their defining trait revolves around their blue-cross eye designs and the glowing halo that can manifest on their head, neck, or hands.


Racial Ability:

  • Chitin (Built-in armour that amounts to slight damage reduction)

Racial Stats: +2 Health, Strength, and Willpower

Another Deepwoken race that remains shrouded in mystery is the Vesperian. They're known for wearing a "sinister" mask.


Racial Ability:

  • Navae's Guidance (reduces Hunger consumption and displays a north-pointing compass)

Racial Stats: +2 Strength and Fortitude

The Gremor are a deer-like people with small horns protruding from their heads. Seen as nomads who lived peaceful lives "before the tides came," they're said to tolerate behaviours and practices other races would like to avoid.


Racial Ability:

  • Versatile (Reduces equipment requirements by three levels)

Racial Stats: +2 Strength and Agility

With noticeably sharper hair than most of the other Deepwoken races, the Khan are a monkey-like people that look to be inspired by the idea of the warrior Sun Wukong from the classic Chinese tale Journey to the West. Facial hair and a crest are two other stand-out physical characteristics here.


Racial Ability:

  • Resist Insanity (Resists the effects of the Insanity debuff)

Racial Stats: +2 Intelligence and Willpower

The Ganymede are said to be based on various species of beetle. Possessing tall, crooked caps reminiscent of wizards, these dark-skinned characters use "strange names" and are actually named after one of Jupiter's moons. The reasons why are unclear—just like their racial ability.



Racial Ability:

  • Bonus Agility when climbing wooden surfaces
  • Nightchild: Improves stealth movements

Racial Stats: +2 Agility and Charisma

Presumably created in response to the dog-like people of the Canor race, the Felinor looks relatively human aside from the cat-like ears protruding from their heads. Little is known about this race, but they are confirmed to be based on the common feline.


Racial Ability:

  • Mark of Jurik - Cures the insanities of those around you
  • Mark of Ku - Improves the rest for those around you

Racial Stats: +2 Intelligence and Willpower

Lastly, there's the Capra. This Deepwoken race is perhaps the only one with racial abilities outlined on the Trello design document. Its origins and base are unknown—unlike the rest— but the ram-like design of their skull paired with their abilities would suggest they're designed around the idea of a witch doctor. They're able to cure the insanities of those around them and even improve their capacity for rest.

You can reroll for different Deepwoken races right from the character creation screen.
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How to reroll race in Deepwoken

If you've somehow learned enough about Deepwoken races above that you've decided on the one you absolutely want to use, you'll need to know how to perform a race reroll in Deepwoken. It's not quite as easy as in games like Demon Slayer RPG 2, but it's still nice and quick.

To reroll your Deepwoken race, all you need to do is tap the tiny reroll button on the first page of the character creation screen. It'll cost around 150 Robux a pop, and without knowing race rarities and odds, we can't really recommend doing it. But if you're swimming in Robux and want to enjoy this game to its fullest, go right ahead and click that button.

And that's about it for Deepwoken races for now. We'll add finer details to this guide as we get first-hand experience with it, but for now, you can use this as a foundation for deciding whether race rerolls are worth it to you or not. For more Roblox goodness, check out the Adopt Me trading values list if you're into that one.

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