Deepwoken magic and spells list (December 2022)

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The training dojo in Deepwoken.
December 6, 2022: With Deepwoken Verse 2 coming this month, we'll be back to working on our magic and spell list soon.

Deepwoken isn't the easiest game to pick up and play, and that's by design. With tricky combat, roguelike elements, and some deep systems to wrap your head around, it's no wonder that players are already searching for some help with this Roblox game's more complex details, like the Deepwoken magic mechanic.

Magic in Deepwoken will be one of your most essential tools during battle, perhaps even more important than the weapon in your hand, depending on the situation. The different magic types all offer their own benefits, and you can even tinker with them a little to change the end results.

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Deepwoken magic list

Magic type Description Mantras How to Obtain Where to Train
FlamecharmAn offensive magic type that sets enemies ablazeFlame Repulsion, Burning Servants, Flame Palm, Flame Eruption, Flame Gun, Fire Forge, Fire Blade, Flame Grab, Rising Flame, Flame BlindUnknownUnknown
ThundercallAn offensive magic type that electrocutes enemies with powerful thunder stormsLightning Blade, Lightning Impact, Lightning Clones, Jolt Grab, Lightning Beam, Lightning Strike, Thunder Kick, Grand Javelin, Electro Carve, Bolt Piercer, Lightning Stream, Spark Swap, Lightning AssaultUnlocked through the trainer in Summer IsleSelf-Conducting Loop (Mantra Shop)
GalebreathA defensive and movement-based magic type that can grant you a temporary speed boost or let you push enemies awayWind Blade, Gale Lunge, Air Force, Tornado, Galetrap, Rising Wind, Wind Gun, Wind Carve, Astral Wind, Dash, Gale WispUnknownOn the Isle of Vigils in a tent near the Inn
FrostdrawA defensive spell that lets you lay ice traps and create barriersIce Spikes, Ice Beam, Frost Grab, Crystal Impale, Frozen Soldiers, Ice Laser, Crystal Impact, Ice Dagger, Ice Blade, Ice Chain, Ice Forge, Ice Eruption, Ice Smash, Ice Lance, Glacial Arc, Ice SkatesSpawn with or give five Frigid Prisms to Nell near EtrisSpeak to Nell

As you can see from the list above, each magic type has its own unique uses. You can get fairly creative with how you utilise them in combat, and they'll likely become increasingly important as you progress on your adventure.

Note that these are all of the magic types that we've discovered so far. There are likely some still hidden further into the game, such as shadow magic.

How do I cast a Deepwoken spell?

Casting in Deepwoken is pretty simple. Just select the spell you wish to cast, then hit whatever key you've bound to the casting action.

However, you might not know that tapping the key seems to increase the speed of your casting. This could come in super handy during faster-paced battles where the odds don't seem to be in your favour.

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