Deepwoken Crafting Recipes - Food, Potions, and Materials

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February 8, 2022: We'll start adding any new Deepwoken crafting recipes discovered in the new update soon.

Any Deepwoken crafting recipes list will still be in its infancy. Not every little item in this premium Roblox adventure will mix with another to synthesize a potion or tasty snack, but most will produce a brew of some degree of worth. Built on the idea of trial, error, and discovery, you're free to experiment with your materials. But for those looking for a helping hand, here it is.


Deepwoken crafting recipes are important not just for making notes from the world's vendors, but for quickly concocting life-saving potions from nearby ingredients in a pinch. Some, on the other hand, can be used as weapons. And we're going to explain how.

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Deepwoken Crafting Recipes


Recipe Ingredients Requires Campfire?
NoodlesOne egg and two Gathered WheatNo
Redd JuiceThree Redd (Apples)No
ChumTwo FishmeatNo
Candied FruitTwo Redd and one SapNo
Mushroom SoupOne Browncap and one DentifiloYes
Mushroom Egg SoupTwo Eggs and one DentifiloYes
BreadThree Gathered WheatYes
OmeletteTwo EggsYes
Sticky BunOne Sap and three Gathered WheatYes
Cooked FishmeatOne FishmeatYes
SushiOne Fishmeat and one Seaweed BundleNo
Fruit SaladAny three different fruitsNo
Urchin StewThree UrchinYes
Seafood SurrpiseOne Squid, one Fish Meat, and one UrchinYes
CalamariOne Squid and one Gathered WheatYes
Sauteed ScallopsTwo ScallopsYes

The Deepwoken crafting recipes listed above are all used to create food and drink that, when consumed, aid in the recovery of the Hunger and Thirst meters. It's wise to prep some of these meals before heading off on a hunt, but as it's fairly easy to come by the necessary ingredients while adventuring, these Deepwoken crafting recipes are great for quickly crafting any regenerative items you may run out of while out and about.


Deepwoken crafting recipes listed as needing a campfire can only be made by interacting with one. Though you'll find plenty of campfires around the world, you can craft a campfire using three Sticks or one Wood.

If you're going to be relying on making filling meals on the move, bring sticks, wood, or an axe to harvest them from nearby trees. Short on space? Combine three sticks into one wood. And if you're not sure how to harvest wood, you can get a free Deepwoken axe by speaking to the NPC by the isle bank on the way to the dock. Just hit a large tree with it a few times and you'll see the materials land straight into your bag.

Deepwoken wood can be found by harvesting large trees.


Recipe Ingredients
FiberTwo Bamboo Shoots
FibreOne Spider Egg
ClothThree Fibre
SackTwo Cloth

Though sparse at the minute, the Deepwoken crafting recipe table above details how to turn common goods like Bamboo Shoots and Spider Eggs into various materials and products, from fibre and cloth used in crafting equipment to sacks used in numerous ways.



Recipe Ingredients
Heartening ElixerBluecap, Calabash, Spider Egg
Invigorating ElixerThree Gobletto
Focus-Enhancing ElixerThree Browncaps and two Gathered Wheat
Icky BaneThree Redd
Soothing SalveTwo Browncaps and one Dentifillo
Soothing PotionOne Browncap, one Gobletto, and two Dentifillo
Disgusting BaneThree Browncap
Soothing TinctureThree Dentifillo
Dulling BlightTwo Gathered Wheat and one Dentifillo
Disgusting BlightOne Stick and two Browncap
Appalling PotionThree Bamboo Bundles

You can use Deepwoken crafting recipes to make potions of multiple uses. Though some can be used to replenish vitals like HP and Ether, others can be flung like projectiles, smashing to splash devastating effects onto nearby targets.

Unlike most foods, you can't make Deepwoken potions wherever you like. You can't find the ingredients out in the woods and immediately turn them into dangerous concoctions right there and then. Instead, you need to take them to a cauldron, and although there are doubtless many of them across the Deepwoken map, the only notable one so far is found in Etris.


Many more Deepwoken crafting recipes exist in the game, but as it's designed around player discovery and experimentation, it'll be a long while before we have them all documented here. Likewise, the effects of some meals and potions are speculative as well, which is why you won't see them listed in the tables above.

We'll keep adding to this list of Deepwoken crafting recipes as we personally play more of the game, but we'll update it with any major discoveries made by the wider player population as well. For now, just use this as a reference while you're out there killing owls and making your neighbourhood Felinor's life a living hell.