Crusaders Heaven skins tier list (November 2023)

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Screenshot from Crusaders Heaven, showing two Roblox characters stylised after the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure anime
November 24, 2023 - We've updated our Crusaders Heaven skin tier list.

Based on the popular anime JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Crusaders Heaven is one of the biggest hits on the Roblox platform right now. If you're itching to rise about the rest, our Crusaders Heaven skin tier list breaks down all the rarest, most trade-worthy cosmetic skins and even ranks the PVP prowess of the game's various Stands.

So whether you're just hoping to deck out a sub-par Stand with a high-quality drip or actually get a top-tier Stand that will help you crush your opponents, we have two tier lists below to help you out. Glamour is the end-game in plenty of RPGs these days, so we wouldn't blame you for focusing on your outfit, but you can't bedazzle your foes into submission. Though it would be on-point for a JoJo game.

Crusaders Heaven is far from the first JoJo Roblox game. The World of Stands tier list and our matching World of Stands codes guide will get you flying through the gate of the most anticipated one in recent memory when it becomes playable next month. And, as ever, our Shindo Life codes and All Star Tower Defense codes guides are proving popular.

Crusaders Heaven skin tier list (November 2023)

Tier Skin
S+Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta, Super Gogeta, Deimos Crimson, Super Saiyan Gogeta, Legendary Super Saiyan Broly, Broly, Gogeta, Vegito, Deimos Killer Queen, Deimos The World, Deimos Platinum
SSusk ACT4, Tyler, Jotaro Part 4, Star Platinum: OVA, The World: OVA, Shadow The World, Star Chadinum, Jotaro, Star Platinum Television, Inferno Chariot, DIO
AMaga King Crimson, Jotaro Part 6, Star Platinum: The Galaxy, Galaxy Platinum, Manga The World, Angel Killer Queen
BJohnny, Boss Giorno, Evil Spirit: The World, Dark Tusk ACT4, Doppio, Diavolo, Diego, The World Alternate Universe: Over Heaven, Evil Spirit, Shadow Knight, French Chariot, Kira, Okuyasu, Giorno
CShiny Tusk ACT4, Metal Tusk ACT4, Manga Tusk ACT4, Manga Gold Experience Requiem, Dark Experience Requiem, Void Experience Requiem, Volcanic Experience Requiem, 24k Gold Experience Requiem, Shiny Gold Experience Requiem, Violet Crimson, Shiny King Crimson, Dark Crimson, Manga King Crimson, Shiny Star Platinum: The World, The World Alternate Universe: High Voltage, Oreo The World Alternate Universe, Demon The World Alternate Universe, Child Silver Chariot, Killer King, Shadow Killer Queen, Demon Killer Queen, Shiny Star Platinum, Manga Star Platinum, The Platinum, Moss Platinum, Platinum, Silver Chariot OVA, Gold Chariot, Shiny Killer Queen, White Killer Queen, Violet The Hand, Shiny The Hand, Manga Gold Experience, The World's Greatest High, Shiny Gold Experience, Dark Experience, 24k Gold Experience, Volcanic Experience, Void Experience, Dark The World, Bloody World, Shiny Crazy Diamond, Shiny King Crimson: Doppio, The Night, Black The World

The above Crusaders Heaven skin tier list ranks each cosmetic Stand not based on their power, but their rarity. Those higher up the Crusaders Heaven skin tier list are considered either harder to get or generally more sought-after by players, making them great bargaining chips in trades and PVP wagers.

They're not just JoJo-inspired, either. For whatever reason, there are plenty of Dragon Ball Crusaders Heaven skins available as well. Great Saiyaman with The World? It can happen. Check out the tier list below to find out which Crusaders Heaven stands are worth using in PVP.

Crusaders Heaven skins pull from both JoJo and Dragon Ball right now.
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Crusaders Heaven PVP tier list

Tier Stand
SKing Crimson, Gold Experience Requiem, Tusk: Act 4
AThe World : Alternate Universe, Star Platinum, Star Platinum : The World
BThe World, Killer Queen: Bites the Dust
CKiller Queen, Silver Chariot
DGold Experience, The Hand, King Crimson : Doppio, Tusk: Act 3
FTusk: Act 2, Tusk: Act 1

Above is the official Crusaders Heaven PVP tier list for version 0.8.4. It's modeled after the same one created by the developers on the game's Trello board, making the tiers and rankings correct as per the developer's designs. For the most part, Stands listed as being from earlier Acts will rank below those from later Acts. Which makes sense. But there are some that reverse this simple idea.

Rather than think too much about the hows and whys, just look at the Crusaders Heaven PVP tier list and base your choices around it. It's a great way to identify your odds of victory as well.

Screenshot from Crusaders Heaven, showing the Stand select menu
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What are Crusaders Heaven skins?

Crusaders Heaven skins are cosmetic items, that tweak the appearance of your stand within the game. Generally speaking, they're based on the appearance of characters from the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure anime, with faithful costumes for The World, King Crimson, and so on.

It should be noted that any cool-sounding outfits on the Crusaders Heaven skin tier list are just that—skins. They're simply cosmetic tweaks to make your character look different and have no tangible impact on how each character plays. They won't bolster your attacking stats or provide you with heightened HP. Instead, in the same vein as other games like Fortnite, these skins will just make your Crusaders Heaven character look pretty cool.

How do I get more Crusaders Heaven skins?

With so many Crusaders Heaven skins available, the chances are you'll want to unlock as many as possible. Luckily, there are several different ways to unlock new skins, so you should always be able to add to your collection.

The first, and most common, way of getting new Crusaders Heaven skins is through Weird Arrows. These spawn randomly across the map, and when picking them up, release a range of rewards. This can vary from a new Stand skin to a new character, with roughly a 50% chance of getting a skin. It's the best odds for getting skins, so keep an eye out for Weird Arrows.

Other collectables across the map can dish out Crusaders Heaven skins, too. Shiny Mushrooms, when collected, have a 25% chance of transforming your current Stand into a shiny skin variant. Arrows also have this function but at a 1% probability.

The most reliable way to get a rare skin is with a Holy Mushroom, another item you can encounter on your adventures. These have a 100% guaranteed drop rate for a rare skin, which sounds good, but actually coming across them is a different task. The same can be said for the Choosable Shiny pickup, which lets you pick a skin of your choosing.

That's it for our Crusaders Heaven skins guide! We've gone over what the skins are, a list of all the skins available in the game, and how you can get your hands on more. Armed with this information, you'll have an impressive collection of cosmetic items in no time.

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