How to get fruits in Blox Fruits

Image of Blox Fruit users battling it out.

Image of Blox Fruit users battling it out.

If you want to duel against other players in PvP or journey across the seas, you must know how to get Blox Fruits. One of the main forms of combat in Blox Fruits is obtaining the titular items. They grant powers that assist you in combat, though they will require some mastery training before their use starts to shine.

Unfortunately, Blox Fruits in Roblox are not easily found, and getting the fruits that you want can be difficult. You are going to rotate through several Blox Fruit powers before you decide on the one you want to keep. Even then, the challenge will be finding Blox Fruits in the first place, since they are scattered around the world.

Where can you get Blox Fruits?

There are two ways to get Blox Fruits. You can find the Fruits themselves and consume them, or you can obtain their powers through other methods. Both will count as obtaining a Blox Fruit, as you get all the advantages and disadvantages of doing so.

How to get actual Blox Fruits

Obtaining actual Blox Fruits can be done by the following methods:

  • Taking part in a Factory Raid in the Second Sea and dealing the most damage.
  • Defend the Castle on the Sea (accessible through Hydra Island or the Mansion) and deal the final blow on the enemy.
  • Take part in Ship Raids in the Second and Third Seas, defeating the Brigade Ships.
  • Find Blox Fruits naturally in the world, which spawn on different islands.
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  • Purchase them from the Roblox Fruit Gacha, which gives you a random Blox Fruit for a price.

Most of the Fruits you get through these methods are random, and there's no definitive way to get the Blox Fruit you want. Participating in events such as Factory Raid also requires other circumstances, such as dealing the final blow or having the most damage. You will get a Fruit from these events, but you can't control what you get.

How to get Blox Fruit Powers

While this isn't the same as obtaining a Fruit yourself, these ways allow you to get the powers of a Blox Fruit.

  • Purchase powers from the Blox Fruit Dealer.
  • Purchase a Permanent Blox Fruit from the Blox Fruit Dealer or the in-game store.
  • Go to The Café or Mansion and trade for specific Blox Fruits.

Alternatively, other players can grant you Blox Fruits. You can also buy the Physical Kilo Fruit from Wenlock, though that costs 97 Robux. For 2,700 Robux, you can purchase a Fruit notification system, but that doesn't guarantee getting the fruit.

These methods have a better chance of getting you the Blox Fruit you want, but they can rely on luck. For example, the Blox Fruit Dealer has a chance of stocking other Blox Fruits. They will always have a few guaranteed Natural Fruits, but nothing else. If you're searching for an Elemental Fruit, the odds of them appearing are low. That's assuming that other players haven't snatched them up either.

Getting Blox Fruits is tricky, and getting the one you want is a challenge. Fortunately, it's not impossible to obtain the Fruits if you are willing to invest the time.

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