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April 7, 2022: We haven't heard anything new regarding an Anime Quest release date in months, meaning Anime Quest codes still don't exist just yet.

Wondering what to expect from Anime Quest codes? This upcoming Roblox game hails from the creator of Omega Tower Defense Simulator, Bulk Games, and it's the latest title to mix together characters from some of the most popular anime series around, including Dragon Ball Z and Naruto.

We expect this one to be fairly action-packed and competitive, so we're naturally curious to see how Anime Quest codes factor into the experience. Will they net you some helpful rewards and in-game currency? We can't say for certain right now, but we'll be sure to let you know in this here guide as soon as confirmation arrives.

If you're looking for some freebies straight away, we also keep lists of Shindo Life codes, Anime Fighting Simulator codes, Anime Fighters Simulator codes (yes, they're different games), and even some All Star Tower Defense codes if you want a more strategic challenge. Lately, Tower Defense: Shinobi codes have been in high demand as well. It's a new game from Boss Studios, the developers of One Piece Millenium 3.

All Working Anime Quest Codes

  • There are currently no active codes. Check back after launch!

This list was last checked on January 22, 2022.

Expired codes:

  • No Anime Quest codes have expired so far.

We'll be sure to update the Anime Quest codes list when the game launches.

IZUKU MIDORIYA artwork by Twitter user TripleTrickster for the Anime Quest Roblox game.
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What Are Anime Quest Codes?

Anime Quest codes are essentially coupons given out by the developers. The reasons why can range anywhere from hitting a big player count, accumulating Likes or Favourites on the game's Roblox page, or even as ways to draw players to content creators covering the game.

We won't know exactly what Anime Quest codes will give when redeemed until the game launches. They're used in a bunch of other Roblox games, however, to the point where we cover dozens of them in our Roblox guides hub. From past experience, Anime Quest codes are likely to offer in-game currency, rerolls, stat resets, and other freebies.

How Do I Use Anime Quest Codes?

Though we can't be certain how of how to use Anime Quest codes until the game releases, we can use the developer's past releases to speculate. Omega Tower Defense Simulator has a Twitter icon in the bottom-left of the screen that's used to open up the code redeem window.

Codes entered deposit their rewards straight into the player's inventory. As Anime Quest shares the same developer, it's easy to see them using a similar redemption method.

How Do I Get More Anime Quest Codes?

We can't be sure exactly how many Omega Tower Defense Simulator code developers are working on Anime Quest. If they all are, expect the Twitter accounts listed in that game's description to be your first port of call for additional new Anime Quest codes in the future. We're listed those below:

To make things easier, just bookmark this page and come back frequently. We'll post new Anime Quest codes here as soon as they drop.

When Is the Anime Quest Release Date?

Right now, the Anime Quest release date is set for Fall 2021. It's a little vague, but Roblox games have a knack for releasing much sooner than most players expect, especially when compared to dedicated titles from established developers.

On Sep. 12, developer Creepy stated that Anime Quest was "60% done already." A few days after that, a render of the iconic Hyperbolic Time Chamber was published to the Anime Quest Twitter account with the words "We're getting close!" The building was the last part of the lobby area, suggesting the main landing screen is complete.

On Sep. 28, the team shared another photo of a doorway, asking players to speculate what could be hiding behind it. With all the teases, it's possible an Anime Quest release date could be announced within the next couple of weeks. There hasn't been an update as of December 23, 2021.

Excited for Anime Quest? There's still time to dive into a bunch of other anime-inspired Roblox games. We've listed a bunch at the top of this page already, but Slayers Unleashed and Demon Slayer RPG 2 are other top picks to play while you wait. Blox Fruits, one of the most popular One Piece Roblox games, just got a massive new update as well. Click those links for codes.

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