Halberd Chimera Strike Desk Review: A Premium Setup For Gaming, Streaming and Work

Have you ever looked at your workspace? I've worked in many an office, sure, but with remote working becoming more and more common in this mid-to-post-COVID age, it's perhaps the first time many of us have invested in things like monitors, chairs, and more.

Having sat at an (admittedly small) Ikea desk for some time, I was able to go hands-on with Halberd's Chimera Strike gaming desk - and it might just be time for you to reassess that dusty old computer desk you've been sitting at for the last year.

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Size Matters

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If your home-working setup is cramping your style, and your productivity, then Halberd's new gaming desks come in a trio of colours.

Our review unit is the all-black unit, with a 180cm x 75cm canvas for your work - and play. In honesty, it's kind of a monster, but as with upgrading your TV to a larger panel, there's no going back.

While the main workspace is MDF, the paint is powder-coated to prevent nicks and chips, and the legs are steel. It's big, but it's also pretty beautiful in its own monolithic way.

Keep It Clean

What makes a gaming desk? As it turns out, it's a load of cable management options. The countertop of the Chimera Strike has a whopping six spots to put cables through, with five at the back, and one centrally located.

Our review unit also includes a cable tidy, and both legs can have cables run through them.

The end result is a sleek-looking setup, even with my gaming PC underneath, a monitor, a MacBook dock, my headphones on the desk, and streaming peripherals like a mic and webcam plugged in.

Much Assembly Required

Aside from the price of the Chimera Strike (coming in at £625.99), the only minor complaint I have is how the instructions included lack detail in some key areas.

There are also multiple variants, each with specific screw locations, all presented in one instruction manual - making setup perhaps a tad harder than it would've been otherwise.

Oh, and pro-tip, it's possible to put the side panels on in reverse. As someone that wants to hang storage from one of the cable holes on the back, this means I can add a small 'tray' with essentials like my phone or AirPods and have them accessible at the front.


If you've got the money to spend, the Halberd Chimera Strike is likely to be a desk that'll last you for years, if not decades. Its construction is solid, and despite some assembly confusion, it's a perfect, ready-built setup for work, play, or for streaming.


Review unit provided by the manufacturer

You can buy the Halberd Chimera Strike from Overclockers

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