Flexispot BS11 Pro review - Stunning and sturdy

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The Flexispot BS11 Pro

Flexispot has made a bit of a name for itself in my household. With some great desks, chairs, and more, I've always found them to be excellent quality but in need of a little more to make them the absolute best in the market.

It manages to balance ergonomic and intuitive design with some creative risks that make them a joy to really settle into. This makes every chair quite unique but also grounded and easy to approach.

Though I have some small gripes with it, the Flexispot BS11 Pro is perhaps one of the best chairs to come out of them, and an excellent addition to almost any room. Though not as visually striking as the likes of the BS13, it makes up for this with some very smart design decisions.

The Setup

I'm quite used to setting up chairs now as I've only recently moved into a brand new apartment and I'm too cheap to pay others to set it up. That being said, the BS11 was a little awkward to set up. Things slotted together as you might expect but there's not much room for error, and some rudimentary designs may leave others struggling.

Flexispot BS11 Pro
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The instructions are made up of pictures that you have to follow but they are a little imprecise and only one page long. If you have a lot of experience with chairs, this may not be too big of a problem, but that's a big assumption for Flexispot to make.

Being a pretty heavy chair, it is possible to do it with just one person like I did, but I recommended doing it with two. Setup is possibly the worst part of the Flexispot BS11 Pro and it's not too bad.

The look

The Flexispot BS11 Pro is pretty simple, aesthetically speaking. With a grey mesh seat and white trimmings, it fits a traditional office setup but also works well instead of a gaming chair. A metal base pulls the look together to give something that looks relatively sleek while standing out.

It is a bit taller than most chairs and quite wide to accommodate lots of body types, but this works well as it makes the chair viable in many different setups. Ultimately, the Flexispot BS11 Pro benefits from its minimal design for this reason.

In use

The Flexispot BS11 Pro is a very comfortable chair. The padding on the cushion itself adjusts to your weight as you sit down and its wide frame makes it even more cosy to get relaxed on. As you place your arms down, you will start to feel the armrests and these can be adjusted in three dimensions, allowing you to change the height, depth, and angle to give a better feel.

The customisation in these armrests are great as it allows them to essentially curve to where your arms are placed. If you are a taller person, the headrest can also be adjusted to go up or down. As someone who is 6′1, I didn't feel out of place at any point in the chair.

Outside of this, you can also adjust the seat itself, to let you lean back a little more, move the whole up or down, or generally adjust your posture. You will find yourself naturally sitting up in the Flexispot BS11 Pro, and this is due to its design. Intended to support office workers for long hours, the back protrudes forward so you can align your back against it.



Ultimately, where the Flexispot BS11 Pro succeeds is in all its customisation. You can adjust the height, angle, and form of most of the chair to get the absolute best experience. This does mean you will likely be messing around with it a lot in the first day or so as you get used to it, but everything clicks after a while and you have a chair that feels just right.

For this reason, the Flexispot BS11 Pro isn't really a chair you show off to your friends. It may seem a little angular and offputting until they manage to find all those levers. It's a chair you make yours through use.

Flexispot BS11 Pro
The Flexispot BS11 Pro is an excellent choice of chair for almost any setup. Though the price is a little high and setup can be awkward, it's worth the commitment.

The Flexispot BS11 Pro was provided by Flexispot for review purposes.

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