Flexispot BS13 review - Eye-catching comfort

The Flexispot BS13

The Flexispot BS13

Flexispot is a company I associate with solid but understated office tech that you can throw into most rooms. I loved the Q8 desk so much that it has become a staple of my gaming room. This being said, the look of my BS13 kicks this trend in a big orange way.

Though gaming chairs excel in the flashy department, there's a reason so many recommend getting an office chair for it instead. They are comforting, develop better back support, and help you stay plugged in for a few hours at a time. These are all major factors that the BS13 gets right.

As well as being my go-to gaming chair for the last few weeks, it has also served a great purpose in my home office setup and allows for just enough lounging to swap back and forth.

The build

The Flexipost BS13 is pretty heavy, weighing over 20 kg, with a steel frame and aluminium legs. Unlike my experience with previous Flexispot chairs, I was happy to have some help building this one with a friend. You have to angle it upside down to get the first set of bolts in and they really struggled to fit.

Flexispot BS13
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I had to take them out and pop them back in a few times before it all clicked, something I didn't have to do before. This being said, the box comes with all the bolts and tools you need - a step up from most other build-it-yourself furniture. With time and patience, you can get the entire thing built in one room.

When I finally got the frame fitted to the seat, the rest of the setup was very easy. You simply pop on the wheels, adjust the frame in between the chair and the legs, and sit everything down. You now have a fully functioning chair. At its lowest, it is around 96 cm and at about 104cm at its highest. Then, its width is 50 cm. This makes it a reasonably big chair.

Orange in action

From the first time I sat down, I realised how sturdy the BS13 is. The hefty weight of the chair allows for an extra strong base, with little to no movement when you aren't controlling it. As well as this, it is very soft, with a cushioned base that accommodates your weight.

This being said, the armrests do feel somewhat odd to use. They don't use a button to lock on - you simply need to pull. This is a smart system that locks in at certain increments. Unfortunately, you can't customise those increments to your liking and a lack of 3D movement may leave you wanting more. I got on decently well with my armrests but others may not.

Unfortunately though, the BS13 has a pretty steep cost at £699.99 so it would have been nice to see a little bit more on offer. It does repeatedly make up for this loss in other ways.

The BS13 has tonnes of fantastic little design quirks I love. Firstly, the chair material is designed to be breathable so hot days pose less of an issue. As well as this, the back holds a small lumbar support that can be readjusted for your height preferences. You can also move the base of the chair forward and back to affect the angle you sit at. These are all tiny little things that make the chair work so much better towards long sessions.


There are three buttons you can get to on the base. Forward and to the left is a click that holds the chair in place or allows it to swing back and forth. You can then hook it again to lock it into place. This works really well to give you a range of movement but also two central places you can lock the seat. This effectively means you either keep the back of the chair loose or in two positions. Just under that is a lever that moves the seat itself back and forth.

The Flexispot BS13 chair
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Over the other side is one final lever that makes the chair up and down. Though they give a little less customizability than you may be used to in a chair, they are well-designed pieces fitting towards a central vision. The Flexispot BS13 is a rather no-nonsense chair with features designed to keep you content and going forward even into those longer sessions.

Flexispot BS13
The Flexispot BS13 is a sturdy and comfortable chair with a great look and a better feel. Though its armrests are a little flimsy and it is quite pricey at £699.99, it's worth the commitment.
8 out of 10

A review unit of the Flexispot BS13 was provided by Flexispot

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