AndaSeat Mask 2 RGB Desk Review: Weird Name For A Great Desk

AndaSeat is no stranger to gaming chairs, but the company's new Mask 2 desk shows that they know a thing or two about workstations, too.

Offering a sizeable, stylish platform for both work and play, it's full of some neat features that make it well worth a look if your setup is in need of a refresh.

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Simple Assembly

Image showing the cable management and cupholder of the AndaSeat Mask 2 desk.
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We recently reviewed the Halberd Chimera gaming desk and while it was impressive, its confusing instructions and sizeable bulk meant it was a two-person assembly job.

In stark contrast, the AndaSeat Mask 2 desk felt almost effortless to assemble. Both legs are pre-assembled, meaning it's a simple case of attacking them to the worktop and screwing the cup holder on.

Then there's the small matter of the RGB lighting, and while getting the cable through one of the metal pieces was a tad fiddly, the actual process of plugging it in was, well, simple, although you'll need a spare USB port handy to power it.

The lights can be switched off (or disconnected entirely), if you're so inclined, with the power button on the right-hand side.

Smart Additions

The AndaSeat Mask 2 offers a pair of cable access holes toward the back, as well as an optional cup-holder that can hang from the front in whichever location you see fit.

There's also a nifty headphone holder, so you can put your cans somewhere they're easily accessible, as well as a cable tray underneath.

That allows for the Mask 2's carbon-fibre inspired design to shine, with a sleek design whether you have the lights switched on on the sides or not.

Image showing the worktop dimensions of the AndaSeat Mask 2 desk.
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As for dimensions, you're looking at 47" x 23" x 29", which makes it an ideal canvas and more than enough space for a mouse, keyboard, monitor, and docked laptop. Depending on your rig, you may want your PC Tower in view too, but the Mask 2 has a weight limit of 150KG which you'll want to be mindful of.


The AndaSeat Mask 2 is a great gaming desk, packed full of features to make your session more comfortable.

Whether you're keen on the RGB lights or not, it's also a great-looking place to work and play.


Review unit provided by the manufacturer

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