What Is Resident Evil Re:Verse?

Fans of the Resident Evil franchise have been patiently waiting for the arrival of Village.

Now, fans of the series are gearing up to learn more about the game in an upcoming developer livestream.

In the meantime, a Humble Bundle listing for the game has alluded to a new name within Resident Evil Village.

Here's what Resident Evil Re: Verse means! 

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During the Capcom Resident Evil Village showcase, they revealed what exactly Resident Evil Re:Verse is.

It will be free for players who purchase Resident Evil Village and it appears to pool together all characters from classic Resident Evil titles in a fun-filled multiplayer experience.

Check out the teaser trailer below!


A new tweet from user Edward_Outcast has noted that Humble Bundle posted the listings for Resident Evil Village a bit too early, and they were able to spot a new phrase within the listing.

The listing noted that Resident Evil Village is going to include: 

  • Resident Evil Village
  • Resident Evil Re:Verse

Of course, the latter sparked a wide array of discussions on social media, as fans did not know what this could mean.

Edward_Outcast noted the following with an accompanying image of the now-deleted Humble Bundle listing: 

Looks liike RE:Verse is the name of the REVillage MP?

click to enlarge

Image via Edward_Outcast

So, it appears this new title is going to be the multiplayer component of the upcoming Resident Evil Village.

While we cannot confirm this at the time, we are sure they are going to talk about this during their showcasing later! 


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