Resident Evil Village Demo: How To Open Locked Eye Door, Eye Key Location

When playing the Maiden Demo for Resident Evil Village, at some point you will find a door with a face that has one eye.

The place where the other eye should be is empty, your goal is to fill it.

Once you open the door the demo ends shortly after so it's vital.

Find out how to unlock the eye door in the Maiden Demo for Resident Evil Village.

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How To Open Locked Eye Door

Your mission is to find something to go into the empty eye socket.

First, you'll want to go downstairs to the main hall.

Then head to the unlocked door.

Inside this room, you'll see a table covered in food and drink.

Pick up the full wine glass near the end of the table.

Now open your inventory by pressing Triangle and inspect the glass.

Rotate it until you're looking into the glass and you should find a ring, take it.

Now you need to inspect the ring, there will be a red eye jewel, remove it from the ring.

Head back up the stairs to the locked door.

Interact with the door and you should be able to place the red eye jewel into the empty socket.

In this room, there are a bunch of cabinets low to the ground that can be opened.

Crouch down and open all of them until you find the courtyard key.

Now you can take the key, head back to the room you got the wine glass from and open the door to the courtyard.

Voila! The demo is complete.

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