Resident Evil Village: 5 Minutes of Gameplay

The next Resident Evil game will be releasing later this year and we now have our first look at some gameplay.

It seems the developers are really catering towards the fans with this next game. Here's everything you need to know!


From the get go, we can see this game will have much better shooting mechincs when compred to previuos titles. It seems our protagonist has had some practice with firearms. 

We also know Village will run at 60 fps and 4k resolution on the PS4 Pro. This will make for some amazing, immersive moments.

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Finally, while the cutscene plays we see there's an option for a "photo mode". This means we'll be getting some amazing photos / screenshots from the community.

Release Date

The next Resident Evil title will be releasing on 7th May 2021. 

Just remember we're not quite at release yet, so some of the gameplay seen in this short trailer may change before launch.

Gameplay Trailer

We join Ethan exploring the wine cellars bellow the Castle Dimitrescu.

These tunnels begin to quickly flood with a red liquid giving Ethan a panic. We won't spoil any more as we recommend you watch the video for yourself.

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Although the gameplay is interupted, we definitly get a good look at how the game will play.

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