Resident Evil Village Locations: Full Map Leaks

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Resident Evil Village is coming in May, but a new collector's edition map has emerged via Reddit that shows off where we'll be spending our time.

Redditor Orpheus2020 has shared a look at the map (thanks, GamesRadar), which looks to have a series of key locations noted.


Spoilers abound, but here's what we know so far.

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Resident Evil Village Locations: Full Map Leaks

Check out the image below.


(Image courtesy of Capcom)

While we can't make out every detail, here's what we do know.

Castle Dimitrescu

Home of Lady Dimitrescu, it looks as though the huge, gothic castle we've seen in trailers will form a sizeable part of the map.


House Beneviento

This manor looks as though it's just begging to be nudged off of a cliff, but we don't yet know who – or what – resides there.

Moreau's Reservoir

This spooky forest looks like it'll be full of creepy crawlies, and it looks like some titanic beast has taken up residence in the lake so let's hope Ethan is a strong swimmer.


Heisenberg's Factory

As far as we know, this isn't linked to the Breaking Bad universe. Instead, it looks like a town of industry, likely with plenty of creepy crawlies hidden amongst its walkways and pipes.