How to Survive the Attack in Resident Evil Village

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Wondering how to survive the attack in Resident Evil Village?

If you’re thinking a mysterious bell will sound and call the Lycans away Resident Evil 4 style, think again.

For Resident Evil Village, how to survive the attack depends on quick movement, smart decisions, and getting to the right place where you can fend off Lycans for a set period of time.

This all takes place in a fairly limited area of East Old Town, but nearly every corner has something worth grabbing, especially at the beginning.

Our Resident Evil Village how to survive the attack guide will see you through it and on the road to meet Lady Dimitrescu.

And, of course, if you still find it too difficult, it's early enough where you might want to consider changing the difficulty.

How to Survive the Attack in Resident Evil Village

The key in how to survive the attack is to keep moving.

Smash all the item crates you find, and explore the nearby houses to grab crafting materials and whatever else you can find.

Shove bookcases in front of doorways to slow Lycan attacks, and only shoot the ones that are in your way.

When you can, make your way to the western-most house.

There’s a crate outside the porch.

Smash that, and head into the house, then grab the M1897 Pump-Action shotgun.

Shotgun ammo is limited, so only use it when you’re in a pinch because you’ll need it soon.

Use the ladder to go under the house, and head toward the burning buildings.

This triggers a spoilery scene, but just know that you aren’t supposed to actually defeat the creature that appears.

Kill as many Lycans as you can, and a cutscene plays after a few minutes, ending the attack.

That’s all you need to know about the Resident Evil Village how to survive the attack scenario, but check out our extensive Resident Evil Village guide collection for more tips and tricks.

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