How to Make Money in Resident Evil Village

You’ll need plenty of Resident Evil Village money, aka Lei, to help Ethan Winters survive his nightmare ordeal, and if you’re wondering how to get money in Resident Evil Village, you’re in the right place.

Village has plenty of ways for Ethan to upgrade his arsenal and buff himself, but they don’t come cheap thanks to the Duke’s high prices.

Fortunately, there’s almost always Lei coming out of something, from statues (easy) to decomposing bodies (gross).

Aside from Lei’s practical value, you’ll also need to earn a ton of it to unlock the Lucky 7 trophy.

Here’s how to get money in Resident Evil Village and what some of the best items to sell are.

Resident Evil Village Crystal Fragment Locations: The Village

Crystal Fragments have the highest sale value in Resident Evil Village, going for 2,000 Lei apiece at the Duke’s Emporium.

Naturally, they’re also quite rare.

However, you can grab a couple of them not long after the game starts in the village square.

You’ll see them as glowing spots in otherwise not-glowing objects.

The first Resident Evil Village crystal fragment is in the Maid statue in the village square.

Shoot the glowing spot on the shield to dislodge the fragment.

The second one is in the church. Look at the pictures in front of the altar, and you’ll see a glowing spot in the middle picture.

Resident Evil Village Money

You'll find plenty of Lei just by defeating enemies and exploring.

Some foes drop valuable items (more on that in a bit), while others drop money piles.

There's Lei in breakable items too, so don't hold back when you come across crates, vases, and the like.

Resident Evil Village Crystal Fragment Locations: Castle Dimitrescu

Lady D’s domain has nine crystal fragments to find

First floor

  • Antechamber — Turn right in the entrance hall, and head into the room there. Face away from the elevator, look up, and shoot the glowing spot.
  • Dining room — Look at the ceiling, and you’ll find a glowing spot in the middle of the circle design
  • Hall of Four Hallway — There’s a display case in the hallway north of the Hall of Four. Bust the case with your knife and grab the fragment

Second floor

  • Hallway — Turn right at the main landing, and go through the hallway outside the dressing room. Look above the portrait of a nobleman.
  • Hall of Pleasures — Check the ceiling
  • Opera Hall — Also on the ceiling, above a table in the southern part of the room. You may as well do the piano puzzle while you're here.


  • Hallway — Check the ceiling in the hallway between the Hall of War and Tasting Room
  • Special Chambers — Use the Iron Insignia Key to enter the room, then blow up the wall with a pipe bomb. The fragment is in a chest.


Just the one here, above the window of the eastern tower.

Finding all these should give you plenty of money to get started in the early game

Resident Evil Village Crystal Skull

Crystal Skulls are another, more common, way to make money in the game.

You’ll randomly obtain these just from defeating enemies, and they sell for 900 Lei each.

It’s a risk-reward situation, since escaping enemies is better for conserving ammo, but if you’re short on cash and need a boost, taking out some Lycans and assorted fiends isn’t a bad idea.

Of course, these are just a few of the many treasures scattered around. If you really want to know how to make money in Resident Evil Village, check out our extensive list of Resident Evil treasure guides.

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