Red Dead Redemption Online Weekly Update (16th March): Outlaw Pass, Time, Date, Events, Bonuses, Collection, Events, Items, Tips And Everything You Need To Know

It's Tuesday, and that means a new Red Dead Online weekly update is just hours away.

Remember, these updates are available whether you bought Red Dead Redemption 2, or simply just bought the standalone version of Red Dead Online.

Here's everything players can enjoy up until the new update on March 23rd!

When Are Red Dead Online Weekly Updates?

Weekly updates arrive every Tuesday at roughly 3 pm GMT.

Red Dead Redemption Online Weekly Update - 16th March

"Scattered across the five states are folks making their way in the world in need of assistance from a hired hand — their ranks ranging from earnest pioneers to scheming opportunists. Visit Hamish, Flaco, Sadie, or any other Stranger on the map this week to reap double RDO$ and XP for helping them," Rockstar explains in its latest blog.

  • Double Rewards on All Free Roam Missions
  • 3x XP on Gang Hideouts
  • 30% off Established or Distinguished Role Items for Moonshiner, Trader, and Naturalist Roles
  • 30% off role outfits and hats
  • 40% off Refined Binoculars
  • 40% off Wilderness Camp
  • 40% off All Trading Wagons (except Hunting Wagon)
  • 40% off Condenser and the Polished Copper Upgrade
  • 40% off relocation fees for Moonshine Shack

Outlaw Pass No. 5

This week's update brings a new Outlaw Pass with over 80 Club Ranks full of rewards.

Players that pick up the pass can get new clothing, emotes, camp items, and an adorable dog amongst other goodies.

There are free rewards, too, including weapon mods, supplies, cash, and a free Ability Card.

The pass costs 35 Gold Bars, and you can get 10 of those back by buying it before March 23.

Check out the full contents here.

Prime Gaming Bonuses

Got yourself an Amazon Prime subscription? Then you can grab a free Bounty Hunter License, and a Bounty livery for free.

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