Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart: Imperial Power Suit Boss Fight

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As you fight through Megalopolis in Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart, you’ll be confronted with the giant Imperial Power Suit controlled by Emperor Nefarious. We’ll show you how to beat the Imperial Power Suit boss fight here, including the best tips and strategy along the way.

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How to Beat the Imperial Power Suit Boss Fight in Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart

To beat the Imperial Power Suit boss fight in Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart, players need to focus on evasion and staying out of the way of all its attacks while taking the opportunity to target its weak points when the chance arises. We’ve laid out a solid strategy and some helpful info for you below, split into the different phases you’ll encounter.

Phase 1: Imperial Power Suit Hand

In the first phase of the battle, the Imperial Power Suit will use rifts to send its hand at you, which then fires a sweeping beam of energy, usually moving from side-to-side. The beam can be jumped over or avoided with the Phantom Dodge. The latter is safer, but gives you less chance to shoot back.

Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart Suit Imperial Power Suit

Your priority here should be the orange monitor in the palm of the hand, which functions as a weak point, like a headshot. Weapons like the Headhunter are ideal for high damage, though guns like the Lightning Rod or Buzzblades make it easier to shoot the hand overall, allowing you to focus on dodging. The beam does fairly high damage and this fight will last a while, so you don’t want to get hit at all if you can avoid it.

At 75% health, a cutscene will trigger in which you’re moved to a new arena and the Power Suit’s head will start to get involved.

Phase 2: Imperial Power Suit Head

The Power Suit will now bring its head into the game. Its hand will still appear from time-to-time to perform the sweeping attack, and all the same rules apply when dealing with it. However, the head will also appear. Like with the hand, you can target the orange monitors over the eyes for increased damage, though it’s not mandatory.

Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart Suit Imperial Power Suit

The head itself has several attacks, and the most difficult one is a sniper shot from the eyes. You get a moment’s warning when each eye generates a purple beam of energy. The two beams will cross, which is when the shot fires. You essentially have to time a Phantom Dodge for that exact moment, because the shot is incredibly hard to avoid otherwise.

The suit’s mouth can also fire two kinds of attack. One of them is a red stream of shots that follows you around, but it’s slow enough to jump over and run around without too much difficulty. The other one is a spray of purple shots that continuously fire on a certain area for a while. Evade them with a Phantom Dodge, but then you can use the time where the Suit is just spraying that one area to pour damage safely into its eyes.

This section goes on for a while - play cautiously and grab the health and ammo crates that spawn on the far left-and-right sides of the arena. You’ll fight all the way up to 1% of the Suit’s health, whereupon a new cutscene will trigger and put you in an entirely new context - a platforming challenge.

Phase 3: Getting Inside the Imperial Power Suit

This is the shortest phase and probably the most straightforward; a platforming challenge where players have to just keep heading towards the Power Suit using whatever platforms and grapple points you have. There’ll be a few goons along the way, but none of them have a lot of health. Use your fastest, most powerful weapons to dispatch them ASAP, as the platforms don’t give a lot of room for agility or manoeuvrability to dodge their attacks.

Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart Suit Imperial Power Suit

Whatever you do, keep moving forward. Eventually you’ll be transported by Garry and the Monks into the Power Suit’s chest and confront the Suit’s Heart, the final phase of the fight.

Phase 4: The Imperial Power Suit’s Heart

This is the final section, where the player is inside the chest and has to destroy the beating heart, though this isn’t quite as easy as you’d hope.

The first priority is to break off the armour protecting it while numerous minions and Nefarious bots swarm you. You need to hit the red nodes protecting it to break off all the armour segments, as you cannot damage the heart itself until every single one is destroyed. Explosive attacks like the Warmonger are great here, as they can damage all the nodes while also thinning out the enemies, or use drones like Mr. Fungi to deal with the minions while you prioritise wearing down the armour.

Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart Suit Imperial Power Suit

Once the armour is destroyed, it’ll reveal the electric heart of the Imperial Power Suit. There’ll be no more minions at this point, but the heart will generate lines of electricity across the floor that circle out from around it and spin. You can Phantom Dodge through them, but we recommend learning the timing to jump over them, so you can keep shooting the electric core at the same time. This sequence will last until the heart is destroyed, and as it takes more damage, it’ll create more lines of electricity, forcing you to speed up your timing.

Once you finish it off, the Imperial Suit will be destroyed, but the battle for Megalopolis isn’t over! This leads into the final boss fight of the game, which we’ve laid out a solid guide for here. Or check out how to find the RYNO 8, the most powerful weapon of the game, right here!