Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart All Spybots Locations | How to Unlock the RYNO Portal Gun

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Spybots are one of the big collectibles of Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart, with ten of them hidden across the whole game on different worlds for the players to find. We’ll show you all the Spybots locations here, as well as the grand reward for getting them all - the RYNO 8 portal gun.

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All Spybots Locations in Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart

There are ten Spybots located in Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart, found on different worlds with different requirements to access them. We’ll show you how to get all the Spybots below, divided into which planets they're hiding on.

Corson V Spybots

There’s only one Spybot in Nefarious City, designed to be the introductory one that opens up the entire collectibles side quest. To find it, players simply need to complete the “Search the Factory” optional side quest that’s marked from the moment you first enter Nefarious City.

The side quest itself is relatively simple - some basic platforming and combat that carries you through the factory on the West side of the map, culminating in a fairly straightforward arena battle with some of Nefarious’ forces. Once you beat them, you’ll get the Spybot, floating in the opening of a pipe that’ll carry you back to the market.

RAn image showing the location of the Spybot on Corson 5

Sargasso Spybots

The only Spybot in Sargasso is at the end of the Zurpstone Quest for Trudi the Dragon, which opens up later in the game after completing the first sequence at Zurkie’s Slaughterplex arena. Return to Sargasso when you’re prompted to go see the Morts again, and there’ll be a side quest to collect Zurpstones for Trudi the Dragon. Once you have all 60, return to Mort at the factory to get the Spybot.

Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart Spybot

Scarstu Debris Field Spybots

There’s two Spybots at Zurkie’s, but neither of them will be accessible the first time you visit the area. Instead, you’ll need to come back later on once you’ve finished certain chapters in the story.

For the first Spybot, simply come back once you have acquired the Hurlshot device, used to send your character long distances with the yellow grapple points. Simply head past Ms. Zurkon’s vendor to the opening doorway to Zurkie’s. However, rather than go through, walk past it to the right. There’ll be a Hurlshot point over the edge that’ll carry you to a small Island with the Spybot on it.

Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart Spybot

The second Zurkie’s Spybot is a reward for completing the Gold Cup challenge “Vroom Around,” where the player must battle several waves of Vroom Goons in the Arena. Vroom Goons can be a little challenging, as they move about rapidly and aren’t limited by the local geography - they can just fly above it. So, focus on homing attacks and drones, then you don’t have to spend too much time aiming, while staying agile and grabbing whatever health crates spawn in the arena. Survive all five waves, and you’ll get the area’s second Spybot to add to your collectibles.

Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart Spybot

Savali Spybots

The one Spybot found here is in a wrecked pirate ship inside a cave at the North point of the map. You can reach it easily by taking the staircase-stepping stones that go over the long cable that runs along the top border. Or you can head West of that and try a hoverboot-powered jump through the cave that opens up there, the ship visible beyond. This is an ambush, and you’ll get attacked by enemies, but the ship will give you enough space to deal with them.

Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart Spybot

Blizar Prime Spybots

There’s one Spybot at the Blizon Mines on Blizar Prime, and it’s a straightforward challenge: complete the Chef’s sidequest that takes you through the Northeast point of the intact version of the planet. This’ll be marked on your map, and takes you through a straight path with some platforming challenges and wildlife enemies.

Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart Spybot

At the end, you’ll encounter a Blizar chef who asks you to guard a honey-collection device from waves of enemies. Use the traps present to destroy them when they amass in heavy numbers, and otherwise focus on weapons that can thin groups, such as grenades and the Lightning Rod. Once you’ve beaten three waves of enemies, the chef will give you the planet’s only Spybot.

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Torren IV Spybots

The Spybot here is very easy to find. When you first grapple hook over into the Vullard’s shantytown, there’s a small alley that diverts to the right, rather than taking the main street with all the market stalls to the left. Follow it to a curving magno-path that actually bends upside down to take you to a watery cave beneath the town. There are some enemies down here, as well as the Spybot.

Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart Spybot

Cordelion Spybots

The Spybot here is well-concealed, but easy to reach. Head into the populated and intact dimension here and go to the Forge room, where Junkbot is waiting. Look directly up to see a high balcony. If you stand a little way back, you should be able to see the rift tether on top of it. Use it to get up and claim the Spybot up there.

Ardolis Spybots

Ardolis’ Spybot is well out of the way and barely in the Pirate Base at all. Once you have the Speetle in this area unlocked and can cross the water safely, head to the long island in the Northeast corner. There’s no reason to go here as part of the campaign, but once you get here, head to the Northernmost point to find the Spybot waiting for you.

Viceron Spybots

The one Spybot here is in the vent system used to reach the Prisoner Processing Facility halfway up the map. Once you get in through the ceiling entrance, stick to the right-hand wall, smashing any coverings in your way. There’ll be a dead end with the final Spybot inside.


How to Get the RYNO Portal Rift Gun

Once you have all the Spybots, head to any Ms. Zurkon vendor to get the RYNO 8, the most powerful weapon in the entire game. And even though the game is largely over even at the earliest point where you can retrieve it, you can take it with you into the challenge mode, New Game Plus, and enjoy vaporizing Nefarious’ forces from beginning to end.

The RYNO 8 itself is a portal-opening superweapon that causes a random object to appear and land in a shockwave of energy where you fire it. The shockwave won't hurt you, but it has stupendous range and beats the majority of enemies in a single blast, essentially ending most fights in one use. Here's its base stats:

  • Power: 5/5
  • Range: 3/5
  • Speed: 1/5
  • Area of Effect: 5/5

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