Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart: CraiggerBear Collectible Locations

Hidden around the entirety of Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart, the CraiggerBears are a secret collectable set found across every major area in various locations. We’ll show you how to find all CraiggerBear locations in this guide, as well as what reward you'll get for finding all of them.

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All CraiggerBear Locations in Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart

There are nine CraiggerBears in different locations in Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart. They are small stuffed toys placed in specific areas, with one in each of the nine major planets. There’s no way to narrow down where to find them beyond simple exploring, as they don’t show up on the map for any reason whatsoever. Fortunately, we’ve gone out and found them all for you and listed their locations below.

Corson V

The location of the CraiggerBear found on Corson 5 in Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart
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The first CraiggerBear is located in Nefarious City, and it is very easy to access from the moment you’re there. Head to the dead-end area with the pocket dimension to the Northeast of the main market. It's directly opposite to you on the counter of the market stall operated by the round robot just ahead.


A map of Sargasso, pointing to the location of the CraiggerBear in the area
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The CraiggerBear in Sargasso is actually in Rivet’s base, accessed from the path to the East of the Morts’ factory. Once you get inside, head up to the living area with the huge window (destroyed if you’ve reached a certain point in the campaign). There’s a TV and sofa in the centre of the room, with the CraiggerBear sitting comfortably on the sofa, waiting to be claimed.

Scarstu Debris Field

Scarstu Craiggerbear location in Rift Apart. Rivet picks it up
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The CraiggerBear at Zurkie’s is another incredibly easy one to find. Simply walk into the reception area just outside the bar, and the bear will be resting on a crate just to the left of the Maitre D’.


A map of the Sivali area in Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart. The cursor hovers over the location of a CraiggerBear.
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This one was a nightmare to find, but once you know where it is, it’s not too difficult to reach. Once you have the upgraded hover boots and can race around the Mesa quickly, head to the Mountain Shrine in the lower-right hand corner of the map. There’s a story challenge here about passing the Mountain trails, which involves using the boots to cross stone paths before they collapse.

Once you’ve passed the first path, you’ll be at the Southeast corner of the Mountain Shrine. Rather than turn to your right and continue the trials, keep heading South down a little extended outcrop. The CraiggerBear is waiting at the very end among some pots.

Blizar Prime

A map of Blizar Prime, showing the location of a CraiggerBear in the area
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This one can be reached early on in your first exploration of Blizar Prime. Head to the room split in half by the glass partition at the bottom of the map, where you can use the console to override the lockdown. The CraiggerBear is in the West side of the room, but only if you’re in the intact, populated dimension, not the destroyed one.

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Torren IV

A screenshot of the CraiggerBear found at a store on Torrent 4.
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Another basic one, though a little more hidden. In the centre of the Vullard’s town is a long “high street” with the Ms. Zurkon on the left. The CraiggerBear is on the opposite side, on the first stall on the right as you enter the street.


Ratchet stands next to a CraiggerBear on Cordelion
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This CraiggerBear is on the section above sea level in the abandoned dimension, half buried in a snowdrift. Head to the central platform above the water in the abandoned dimension and go to the East side, just before the ramp heading up. Look back to see the CraiggerBear in need of a hot water bottle.


A screenshot of the CraiggerBear that can be found in the Pirate Base on Ardolis
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Perhaps suitably, the CraiggerBear at the Ardolis Pirate Base is found at the very end of the Pirate trials on the Northwest island. Head through all three to the 'reward area' after the third one, where they’ll be a bored-looking pirate bot manning a stall. The bear is to the left of him, in a little sandy display next to a treasure chest.


A map showing the location of a CraiggerBear found on Viceron in Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart
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The final CraiggerBear is at Zordoom Prison, specifically on a bench in the holding cells in the Processing Facility where characters like the Phantom and Captain Quantum were being held. You’ll engineer a breakout as part of your first visit here, and once you do, head back to that cell. You’ll now be able to enter it, with the bear waiting to be collected. Hooray!

CraiggerBear Rewards

For finding all the CraiggerBears, players simply get a Trophy called “UnBEARably Awesome”. This is a gold trophy that’s also one of the hardest to get in the game. However, there’s no mechanical reward attached to the CraiggerBears, such as a better gun or new ability, as there is with the other collectibles in the game.

CraiggerBears Explained

CraiggerBears are a new feature to the Ratchet and Clank series, and their presence here seems to be pretty clear as a tribute to acclaimed Insomniac artist Craig Goodman. Goodman worked at the company for fifteen years and tragically passed away in 2019. CraiggerBears can be found mentioned in the Gallery section of the menu, with an entry that reads as follows:

“Mysterious plush bears that seem to show up on every world. They are said to carry the optimism, kindness, and creativity of a fallen hero missed by his comrades.”

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