Everything That Went Wrong With The North Star Update

The highly anticipated Rainbow Six: Siege North Star update went live yesterday. Fans were very pumped up about this update but the outcome wasn't as expected.

The new update brought a lot of changes to the game. Operators were balanced along with weapons. We even received a new operator but there were a few things that I feel are slightly problematic.

What are the problems with the current Rainbow Six: Siege update?

First of all, the scoreboard is all over the place. We get to see a round history now, but then again, is that really necessary? Sometimes more information is less information. And in some ranked matches, it's actually helpful to know how exactly a round went. But then again, it's got limited usage, so it's a pointless addition in my opinion.

Also, the operator icons. That's downright weird. The icons during the previous season were nice and proper but after the new update, they're all over the place.

Moving on, this update was supposed to make things easier for attackers but sadly that isn't the case. After the Rainbow Six: Siege North Star update, you'll need to actively pick up the diffuser.

You won't be able to pick it up by just walking over it. I know we get Ash on our side, but then she's nerfed too. Why do you want to make it difficult for us? She's already lost out on a breach charge, and you can't take down electrified walls with it anymore. Here's the funny bit, grenades can damage electrified walls.

However, the skins in the battle pass look really good, so that's a bonus for this season. That being said, there are a few problems with the newest Rainbow Six: Siege update. The tweaked UI will take some time for the community to adjust to.

I still feel it was slightly unnecessary, and it'd be nice if Ubisoft rolled back the changes. But then again, it's all about a matter of time. We'll eventually get used to it and get tired of complaining.

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