Rainbow Six: Siege Crossplay and Cross-Progression Explained

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Cross platform play has become a reality over the last few years, and it's a welcome one - while the likes of Fortnite undoubtedly helped pave the way, blockbuster franchises like Call of Duty adopting it as standard certainly hasn't hurt.

Rainbow Six: Siege is a little different, though, with Ubisoft's tactical shooter dallying behind somewhat. That's all about to change, though - here's why.


Is Rainbow Six Siege Cross-Platform?

On June 30th, 2021, Rainbow Six: Siege will launch on Google Stadia, and kick off a first wave of cross-platform play.

Players will be able to play between PC, Stadia, and Amazon Luna - but not console.

In early 2022, Xbox and PlayStation players will be able to team up or face off against one another when crossplay comes to console.


Does Rainbow Six Siege Have Cross-Progression?

Despite the game being based around acquiring Operators through purchase or in-game currency, Siege will finally introduce cross-progression in the coming months but, like crossplay, it's being handled in stages.

On June 30th, PC, Stadia and Amazon Luna players can carry their progression (and unlocked Operators) between those platforms.

Console players will have to wait until early 2022, but there is a bonus - that's when cross-progression will go live on all platforms, meaning you can take your roster of Operators from Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Stadia or Luna to any other platform.


For more, check out Ubisoft's tweet below: